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Friday, July 18, 2014

Puppy Needs a Name

I have to keep repeating that we are not keeping her, but she is really growing on me.

I took her to the vet's office and found that she doesn't have a microchip. I also called all the local animal shelters and SPCA and no one has her on their lost dog list. I put up flyers at several vet's offices and will take more Monday if we still have her. The vet's office gave me the name of a couple who have a dog rescue and training. I left my name but so far haven't heard back.

Buddy the cat did give Puppy her first lesson in personal space boundaries this morning. From the amount of blood accompanied by squealing and running off the deck, I thought Puppy must have quite a gash on her nose, but when it quit bleeding, I couldn't even see it. It wasn't anything that a scrambled egg didn't make better. Of course when I put the egg in the bowl, the cat ran over to eat it. He nibbled it, but not being a big fan of scrambled eggs, I think it was just to show dominance.

My neighbor had given me some dog food, but the Puppy wasn't really interested in it, so I bought a collar, a couple of toys, and some puppy food. But I completely forgot we were almost out of cat food. Poor cat.

I wanted the collar so I could take the puppy on a leash into the vet's office, but the puppy wanted no part of the leash. I ended up putting her in the carrier and just taking that into the office. When we got back home, all the puppy food I had poured in the bowl was gone. So I put more in and the cat rushed over to eat it. Aha. So that's what happened to the first bowl of food. The cat emptied the dog bowl three times today. At this rate, that is going to be a very fat cat.

After dinner, Hubby tossed a pizza crust on the deck. Both the cat and dog ran for it and each reached for an end. There was a standoff for a minute, until the cat decided it was something he didn't want, and the puppy ran off with it. I know, puppies shouldn't be eating pizza crust, but other than scrambled eggs, it's the only thing she has shown any real interest in eating.

I still can't figure out why anyone would dump this puppy.


  1. Hope you find a good home for the puppy soon, my sister lives on a farm on the moors and people leave dogs out there and drive away once a beautiful pregnant dog! Over here we have dog rescue and she was always phoning them at one time!

  2. Hopefully you will find a good home for her soon. She sounds like a lively little thing. Though it sounds like Buddy is definitely not amused with the new house guest.

  3. Aw, poor thing! I think it's name should be scooter.;)

  4. Why would anyone dump a puppy like that you ask? Because there are far too many ignorant douchebags out there today that need to be taken out behind the barn and learned a lesson or two.


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