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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We Found a Puppy

This little pup was sitting on the side of the road when we left for an appointment this afternoon. We stopped but couldn't get it (turned out to be a she) to come to us, kind of unusual behavior for a puppy we thought. They usually go right up to everyone they see. Then I retrieved a bottle of water from the car and started pouring it on the ground and she came bounding over. So we took her home, put her in the backyard, and left again.

And yes, Buddy the cat was out when we left.

When we came home, Buddy was waiting for us in the driveway and none too happy. Not only was that dog in his backyard, but it was eating his catfood out of his bowl. So we put Buddy in the garage and let the puppy have the backyard to herself while I made up some flyers and posted them along the road.

It's been about seven hours since we found her but no one has called and we haven't seen anyone driving slowly around the neighborhood like they were looking for her. I even went to some of the neighbors I thought might have a new puppy and they all said it wasn't theirs. I sure hope she wasn't dumped out here. I think she's cute and has obviously had some training, like not to jump on people and not to try to come in the house. She was not trained where to go to the bathroom though and deposited one right on the deck inside the gate.

Buddy hopes she wasn't dumped out here too. He did not extend the paw of welcome to the puppy. More like the claws of objection. And now he is on his shelf watching the puppy out the window. Tomorrow should be interesting.


  1. What a sweet face! Looks like it is part Blue Heeler.

    I hope you will find its owner soon.

  2. Poor girl to be alone wandering. Someone must know her! If you are on facebook it's a great way of finding lost dogs. Or, the local vet might know. Keep us posted.

  3. What a sweet girl. You have to think someone is looking for her. Hopefully Buddy is dealing better with your house guest today.


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