Saturday, October 11, 2014

Such a Cut Up


My first, and possibly last, attempt at free-motion quilting the Such a Cut-Up Quilt I started here. And no, you will not see a close up of that stitching here. I assure it, it wasn't pretty, and I even used chalk lines to try to keep me in line. It not only needs to be viewed from the back of a galloping horse, but with glasses off - your glasses, not the horse.  Luckily, I used varigated thread on the front and black on the back, so it's hard to see the stitches.  I wanted to take this quilt to quilt group on Thursday and remembered I hadn't taken a picture for my blog. It was too windy to put it outside, so I made a makeshift design board in front of a window and then rushed out the door. Please ignore the drying pecans on the window sill.

I forgot to take a picture of the back, so included a scrap of the leftover backing fabric.

The ladies at quilt group didn't seem to think the quilting was too bad, so it went into the box to be given to the next man whose name is given to us.  White at quilt group, I picked up these blocks and found some fabric scraps to go with them. Our quilt group is a church group that makes quilts for elderly or ill members of the church family and all of our fabric has been donated. These blocks were in a bag of donated string blocks, but the others were either very bright colors or smaller. I'm going to have to recut these a half inch as some of them have strips that don't quite reach the edge. I have a month to make them into a 38x48 lap quilt.

Also, next month is our quilt guild Christmas party and I am supposed to make a mug rug, whatever that is. So, off to google that. Enjoy your long weekend. I'm going to be sewing.

I'm linking to MOP (My Own Progress) Monday at Tweety Loves Quilting.


  1. Since I don't have a galloping horse I will have to take your quilt group's word for it that the stitching is just fine :)

    Love the colors / perfect for this time of year! :)

  2. Love the blocks for the new quilt - such vibrant colors!

    I can assure you that whoever receives the galloping horse quilt is going to love it. ;o)

  3. You did a great job with the Such a Cut Up. Congrats on getting it finished. You have some fun blocks to play with this month.

  4. I share your feelings about free motion quilting!! But what I learned by few projects that I did in the past with it is: 1) it's never that bad... even if it's irregular, weird, whatever... if it holds the three layers together it's fine! And it adds a nice texture to the quilt! 2) none (except you) notice it!! I have two big pillows on my couch that have "not so nice" FMQ but they are used every day as the most comfy objects around and they are loved, so that's what matters!! :)


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