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Monday, November 17, 2014

First Snow of the Season

It wasn't much, just a thin layer and is mostly gone this morning. And finally, finally, finally, the wind has quit blowing. It would be the perfect day to spray paint something outside if it weren't so cold.

I didn't get a lot done this weekend even though Hubby was out hunting and I had the whole weekend to myself. Well, I take that back. I made a couple of fall topiaries for the front porch.

I thought they looked pretty good until Hubby saw them and said they looked like orange snowmen. Hmpff! Men!

Looks like those pots could use a coat of paint, but the weather is going to have to warm up a bit first.


  1. I think the pumpkins look great and so do the pots.

    Nothing worse than a windy day, but I would welcome the wind right now to blow the cold air out of the valley.

  2. sometimes the hubby's just don't see quite well, I think they are cut as they stand. How ever I do agree with painting the pots. and it would give them a more elegant look. But if your like that will wait for spring. Now that got me to thing about Christmas. Maybe wrap them in the paper you would normally put on a door?

    1. That's a great idea. I'll only have these up until the end of November but I'm sure I could find some fall paper. thanks!

  3. I love the pumpkins, and I was actually thinking how nice the pots looked the way they are!!

  4. Your topiaries look great. Sometimes the guys just don't get it.


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