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Monday, November 10, 2014

Waxahachie Texas Invaded by German Army!

Saturday, the German army seized control of the train depot and we witnessed a heated battle between the German and Allied armies.

Then, an unsuspecting train came through and a temporary cease fire was called.

It was a really long train, and some of the Germans came over to talk to the crowd.

As the end of the train neared, the troops began getting back into position.

Then the battle resumed.

The Allied Forces broke the German line and all German survivors surrendered.

This World War II reenactment has been taking place in Waxahachie for many years, but this was the first year we had heard about it. Not very well advertised I guess. The participants gather into camps Friday night and spend the weekend living history.

Along with the reenactment, there were vintage cars and motorcycles, like this one.

Earlier Saturday morning, there was a ceremony at the civic center honoring veterans. We went because a high school classmate was playing in a swing band during the ceremony.


  1. How interesting. I had no idea anything like this was held in the US.

  2. That looks like it was lots of fun.

    We were actually in Lewisville this weekend. I didn't get your comment until this morning because I didn't have my computer available, and didn't check my phone for emails! I would have loved to have met. I will write about it later this week. Perhaps the next time I am in Dallas or near there!

  3. Looks like an interesting way to spend a weekend.


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