Thursday, January 1, 2015

Big Changes for 2015

Happy New Year! Well, I did it. I am moving to wordpress.

The new blog is called (click the name) Marti's DIY.

Since this blog has changed so much since I first began, I wanted a name that fit me and what I post about a little better.

I know a lot of you said not to do it, and I'll admit, for awhile I was willing to put up with the blogger problems rather than learn a new format. But that was eventually what convinced me to do it. I refuse to be that doddering old senior citizen who waits for someone else to program the tv or set the clock because I don't want to learn to do it. If I don't keep learning things now, I won't be able to do it in ten years.

That was only one reason though. Another motivation came today when I signed up for the Grow Your Blog Party . One of Vicki's suggestions is that bloggers to change from a "no reply blogger" status to one that sends an email to the blogger when you post a comment. And that wasn't possible for me with this blog. Oh I have it set right, but the email still bounces back to me.  I googled every way I could think of and I can't find a solution to the "bounce back email comment" here. I think that has also adversely affected the comments I do get. I'm sure those bloggers have wondered why there is a comment from me and no accompanying email. There are also times that I have gotten a question from someone and no way to reply because their email bounced also.

Something I discovered today after signing up with wordpress is that blogger makes it difficult for bloggers from other formats to post comments.  I wanted to test the bouncing email problem by posting a comment here while signed in with wordpress.  Even though I have my settings for anyone to comment with no word verification, it wouldn't let me post without first putting in my name, blog ID, and then filling in the Captcha blank, something I thought I had expressly permitted.

Don't get me wrong; blogger has a lot of good features and is extremely easy to use.  I know a lot of people who don't have problems with the comment emails, so it's something that has only changed for some people, me being one.  Hopefully, I will leave the problems behind now. I am going to leave up this blog, and I won't migrate the posts over to the new blog since I changed the blog name there. Since most of my photos here are marked with my blog name, it will be easier for searchers to find this blog by googling that name, and hopefully then seeing the link to the new blog. If that proves to be a problem, I'll deal with it later.

See you there!


Jan said...

Good luck! I did something very similar last summer. All the best for 2015. Jx

Kate said...

Good luck with the new blogging format. I've been lucky to not have too many problems with blogger, but I don't do much with my blog. Hope 2015 brings you only good things.

Nancy said...

I look forward to reading your posts on the new site.

Marti said...

Thank you. What's weird is that I get an email copy from some blogspot bloggers, like you, but not from others, or even myself if I do a test comment on my own blog.

Marti said...

I didn't think I did much with my blog either, but something has definitely changed.

Marti said...

Thanks Nancy. I look forward to seeing you over there too.