Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Christmas Swap

I've been cleaning and organizing and realized I never posted about our quilt group Christmas swap.  We decided to exchange fabric instead of useless gifts, since we are quilters after all.  Not everyone wanted to participate, but those who did had a fun pizza lunch and a nice assortment of fabrics.  It's always interesting to see what fabrics other people like.

On another note, I'm hanging in there with the diet again. I didn't do so well over the weekend though. On Saturday, I didn't just fall off, I flung myself off the wagon. I never intended to, but when I tried to move a cookie tin, I found that Hubby had closed the lid on a a package of bread. When I opened the lid to release the plastic bag, I saw it contained one piece of mom's English toffee. I didn't even think about it before popping it in my mouth, and didn't regret it afterward either. Mom always makes us a batch of toffee for Christmas every year. One year she burned the toffee, but she gave it to us anyway because it is so expensive to make. But this year it was perfect and that was the last piece.

Later that evening, I had the munchies and ate a whole sleeve of Ritz crackers. By the time I went to bed, I was itching so bad I couldn't sleep. I finally got up at 3 a.m. to take a Benedryl. And will this teach me a lesson? I doubt it.


  1. Winter is a hard time to be watching what you eat. I am walking down that path right now also. Yesterday I made a lime quick bread and instead of throwing the two leftover pieces in the garbage can at work, I took them home and eventually ate them - darn! Right now I am trying to get the signals in my brain to turn off so I don't eat something I should not. I heading to get another cup of hot tea no sugar!

  2. Sounds to me that you have a lot of restraint. I think I would have eaten it all at one sitting. For some reason I've been craving pizza lately and I never even really liked pizza that much before. I think it's because this diet is so restrictive.

  3. The fabric swap sounds like a good idea and lots of fun. It's no fun staying on a diet, hopefully you recovered from all the itchiness.


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