Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Creating a Convertible Sewing Room

One of my goals this year is to create a sewing room.  The problem is that none of our bedrooms are really big enough.  I used to have a desk and bookcase in a bedroom but not only was the space cramped, there was no place to put everything when a daughter came for a visit.  The desk was against a wall so working with a large quilt was difficult.  Still, I decided I would make that 7x10 foot space work.  It did annoy me that there was so little space for my sewing when the living room was unused and practically empty.  Hubby said to make the living room into my sewing room, but I didn't want that to be the first thing visitors see when they walk in the front door.  I suggested moving the dining table back in there and using the dining room as my sewing room.  He didn't like that idea at all.

Then, inspiration struck.  What if I could build a sewing table, cutting table, and side work table that folded up, nested inside each other, and could be moved out of the way when we needed a living room?

When it is a living room:

And when it is sewing room:

I already had the cabinets on the back wall.  They have housed everything from stereo and tv to china, and now they'll hold my stash, sewing machines, and office stuff.  I  had neatly folded fabric and lined it up on a couple of the shelves, in order by color.  It looked great.  Then, everyone decided to come here for Christmas and I stuffed every loose item, sewing related or not, into every crevice so now it looks like a hoarder's closet.  And in a way, that's exactly what it is, I don't why I have half that stuff.  Luckily, Institches with Bonnie is having a 15 minute organization challenge so I plan on getting that straightened out just as soon as I have a place to put it.

I also had the corner chair already.  It's a recliner that got kicked out of the family room due to lack of space.  Saturday, I bought the wood to make the sewing table; Sunday, we found the other two chairs on craigslist.  So it's finally beginning to come together.


  1. Looks like the perfect solution!

  2. You are so clever. I know it wouldn't be a plan for me. Seems like things NEVER get really put up, and I have now spread across the entire second floor (which is only a 1/2 story). Love the idea of having a cutting table!

  3. Where do you cut things out?

    My dream house has the master down and two decent sized bedrooms upstairs, with room for a bed in each and enough space for me to have a sewing space in one and Hubby have his radio stuff in the other. Then all the mess is upstairs. I'm really apprehensive about having a sewing room right inside the front door, but hopefully, it will be easy to stash things away when we have guests. Marti

  4. Thank you! And thanks for visiting my blog too.


  5. Looks like a good plan to work with what you have. I'm fortunate that we have a spare bedroom that I was able to just take over.

  6. We have two "guest" rooms, and I've thought of getting rid of the beds in one room and using it as my sewing room, but then we'd be in a bind when all the kids are home at the same time and we'd still have an extra living room that no one ever uses. I have my fingers crossed that this will work.


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