Monday, January 12, 2015

What Internet Router Do You Use?

Internet is back but I need to buy a new router. When the technician comes out Tuesday, I want him to redo our whole set up as I can only get online when I am connected by a cable. Hubby can get on wirelessly in the office but nowhere else. ALL of our neighbors who use the same provider have a different dish and it's pointed a different direction. I think all of that is why we have been having problems over the last year.

If I don't have a router when he comes Tuesday, a neighbor told me that he will bring out a router that we will "rent" for $7 a month. That's $84 plus tax for a year, $168 for two, etc. I have no idea how much longer we will live here, but it's likely to be longer than a year and I'd rather not pay any more than I have to.

Also, the neighbor said when they put up her new dish, they bumped up her plan from 10 mbps to 15 mbps, which bumped her bill from $52 to $63. Worth it or not?


  1. I'm a bad one to ask about this as I've been struggling with a reliable internet connection since November. Everyone is pointing fingers and not really helping me solve the problem that just suddenly started. Internet provider said it was my router, so I replace it with an Apple AirPort Extreme which did not solve the problem, so I asked for a replacement modem. That change didn't help. Telephone tech. said I was probably on same frequency as a neighbor, so that was changed. Still have the same issues, and I am getting weary of the whole thing. I have another year on my contract with provider and when released, I am changing to Century Link. It couldn't be any worse than what I have now.

  2. Never thought of you having satellite - but I should have!! I have been thinking I need a new router too here in Mason!!

  3. I haven't got one yet. I was hoping Hubby would do it. I have noticed in my network choices bar, of all those near me, someone has Netgear and it has 3 bar signal strength when my own (which I can't connect to) only has 2 bars. I don't know if it's the router or their service that makes the difference.


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