Monday, February 16, 2015

On the Downhill Side of February, and Design Wall Monday

Hard to believe February is half over. Where did the time go? I had so many good intentions to follow the local master gardener's calendar for planting and pruning, yet it said fruit trees should be planted in January and we just got a peach tree planted yesterday. Speaking of yesterday, it was another gorgeous day. A bit windy, but warm and sunny. Today is cold and drizzly, which I also like. That is, I like this weather if I'm inside looking out. But I really need to go to Costco today, and that is not something I like to do when it's cold and spitting.

When I made the bluebird house for the new neighbor, I made another for our yard as well. Last year I had enhanced some plans I found online, but couldn't find them this year of course. So my first house was to try to recreate those changes. Hubby and I put up the new birdhouse on a metal pole in the center of the backyard on Saturday, and moved the old birdhouse on a wooden post. (It was in the way when I expanded the garden.) Sunday afternoon, we watched as a pair of bluebirds went from one birdhouse to the other, trying to decide which one to make their home. They also looked over the apartments in the purple martin house, but kept going back to the bluebird houses. A sparrow took an interest in the new house, and the male bluebird fought him off. When I saw the sparrow on the new house, I began walking to the house to shoo it away and my presence didn't bother the bluebird at all. Then Hubby got the sparrow and the bluebirds resumed their house hunt. The female seems to prefer the new house and the male keeps going back to the old house. As Hubby said, that's typical - the wife always wants the latest and greatest while the husband prefers to just stay put. If he is basing that opinion on our recent years, he has a point.

If I had a zoom lens, I could have taken some nice photos. So I'll put that on my wish list, along with one of those little cameras people put inside their bird houses.

Moving along to the design wall, I have three projects on the wall, the February UFO on the chair, and the sewing table on the workbench. No progress worth mentioning on the sewing table. I'm trying out a template for the top before I make any cuts on the actual top. My February UFO, Friends Who Have Never Met, is folded on a chair because I'm disgusted with myself. I took it to the church for our quilt group meeting, thinking I would sandwich it on the big tables there, only to discover that I never had made the backing. Doofus! On the wall are the butterflies, almost finished piecing; the Irish chain, still at the beginning; and the Sweet Sixteen, which I am loving now that I finally found enough of the blue to finish.


I'm linking to Patchwork Times #30 and Confessions of a Fabric Addict #5.


  1. The beautiful warm weather has encouraged the trees to begin budding around here. I just hope the cold and wet don't last too long to damage them. I just read that one of the wineries in Mason County has brought in lots of hay to protect the grapes from frost. We have to go to Costco too. Ugh!

  2. Great projects - I love to make pinwheels.

    It's not warm enough here for birds to be building nests, probably another month (or even two) before that happens.

  3. My apple tree has buds all over it, and we had a freeze last night. I hope it makes it. I didn't make it to Costco today after all, maybe tomorrow. I just couldn't make myself go today. If the straw or hay works on grapes, I may have to try it over my onions if we have another freeze.

  4. Yes, you are probably a ways behind us. But you get a pleasant summer I guess?

  5. I love how you have the room to have three design walls. And I love the projects you are doing on each How did you manage to free up 3 walls for designs.

  6. Oh no, I only have one wall. I have one big flannel piece on the wall, about 7 feet by 6 feet. I stood back to take a picture of everything on it, but it was hard to see any detail, so I just took 3 pictures, one of each part of the wall. There is furniture on that wall, but I shoved it over for now.

  7. It was miserable here on Sunday and Monday. My Guy was out replacing blue bird houses at the wildlife habitat we have at work.

    Love all three of your projects, but your butterflies are my favorite.

  8. Thanks, I like them too. I started getting them ready to applique tonight, and as I feared, they are not all the same size. Not sure what I'll do about that. Maybe just let it be that way.


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