Sunday, March 15, 2015

My Stash Busting is More Like Stash Building - Report 11

If it weren't for that fabric I left in the car last time, I would finally have shown a dent in the stash. But no, I had to start a new quilt and didn't have enough fabric for it. If I had worked on that quilt after buying the fabric, I might have been able to show a reduction in my original stash, but I didn't.

What I did do this week was work on projects I already had on hand. I sent the Card Trick Quilt out to be quilted after our group decided it would make a nice quilt to donate to an fund raising auction held by Campfire Creek Therapeutic Riding Center. And I went to the Dallas Quilt Show. Some gorgeous quilts there and also some quilts that won ribbons that didn't look ribbon worthy to my untrained eye. I would show pictures, but I didn't think to get the maker's names or permission. But I'm sure there are people who didn't read the rules in the quilt show guide book who will post pictures. But I just had to read every word in the guide book so now I can't show them.

I will tell you about some of the quilts though. There was a category called Show Chair Theme, and the theme was "Funny Quilts". One quilt was titled "Shades of Gray" and it had gray lamp shades in various gray hues scattered about on a solid background. Another was a quilt that looked like a painting of a dog and the bottom border had tiny tennis balls hanging from the trim, because the dog loved tennis balls. And one was a pieced red quilt (at least I think it was pieced) with an appliqued cat in the center. The cat's claws were stretched up and at the tip of the paws, the quilter had shredded the quilt top. So funny for those of us with cats.

And now on to my very disappointing stash report.

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  1. You aren't too far from being on the loss side of things. Hopefully you'll get a chance to sew some this week and turn your numbers from black to red.


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