Sunday, March 22, 2015

Stash Report 12

I am finally showing a reduction in the stash, but it's mainly because I pulled out some polyester fabrics which somehow found their way into my shelves. I have a separate stash for clothing fabrics.

I have done some sewing this week, but I've also done some buying. A woman from the church stitching group told me the hospital was badly in need of gowns for premature stillborn babies. I thought it would be easy, so agreed to make some, but then I found that a pattern for the size she said doesn't exist online. But I did find quite a few burial gown patterns and I downloaded a couple in various sizes. I thought I'd make them up and let the hospital tell me which size they need most. I never even knew there was a need for these and found quite a bit on the internet. A lot of people use old wedding dresses to make them, and I just donated my wedding dress to the thrift store last year. Bummer. But I found some pretty white on white cottons and thought I'd start with that. It's probably a good thing I didn't try to start with satin because sewing some of these tiny pieces is hard enough with cotton.

I've been working on the Sweet Sixteen quilt, which has also used some fabric this week, and hope to get a backing on the Around the World next week. I'd better hurry though, that was my March UFO and it's still just hanging there.

While the report looks pretty good for a change, I looked back at my first Stash Busting post of the year and saw that I way behind my goal of using five yards per month. I started the year with an inventory of 265.09 yards of fabric, and with this report I am at 256.50. (At some time I started rounding to the nearest quarter yard.)

I know that looks like I am only 6.5 yards short of my goal, but April through July are gardening months, and December is just a crazy month. So that really just leaves four months to make a dent in the stash. I hope to keep quilting this summer, but I know in the past that the garden and yard work have been consuming and exhausting.

I'm linking to Fabric Report #22 at Patchwork Times.

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