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Friday, April 3, 2015

Possum Burrow

Hubby's chore today is repairing and replacing deck boards. When he removed a splintered board next to the pond, this is what he found:

He or she was wedged into a triangle formed by cinder blocks which support the pond waterfall. There was no way out except forward, and she wasn't budging.  And she wasn't happy.

I always thought possums were all bluff, but the closer we got to her, the more aggressive she acted. Hubby had to put the board back over her in order to unscrew the next board. I was afraid she would lunge at Hubby's hand and drill when it was next to the stone.

She also didn't like the flash on my camera, but she did close her mouth a little when I backed off.  I think it is a female because of the nest of leaves she made.  Perfect spot too, blocked from the winter wind and next to the side of the pond so cooler in summer too.  I'd chase her off, but it probably wouldn't do any good, and possums are great for reducing the mouse and rat population.  So I hope she stays and raises her broods here.


  1. Yikes! She looks pretty intent on defending her home.

    Do possums hiss like cats?

    1. Hubby thinks she was either giving birth or started right after. He wasn't sure what he saw. We won't know for awhile since the babies will be in a pouch for at least 70 days and she could leave before then too. They normally do hiss, but we couldn't hear this one, maybe because of the drill.

  2. That possum looks quite angry but I'm sure she is just scared. We don't get those creatures here. I'm surprised you'd want to keep her around, LOL.

    1. Yes, that's what they do when they are scared. We did found another way out when we removed another board so she could have left if she wanted too. But if Hubby was right and she was having or about to have babies, it may not have been possible for her to run off then.

      Possums are good to have around, though they will eat tomatoes in the garden. It is extremely rare for them to get rabies because their body temperature is too low. They are immune to snake venom and they are great at eliminating snakes, mice, and rats from an area. I'll take a possum over rats any day.

  3. Aw, the possum is gone today. But it will probably be back from time to time.


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