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Thursday, May 28, 2015

I Never Thought I'd Celebrate a Day Without Rain

I heard on the news just now that we have only had three days in the last month without a drop of rain. I'm not sure that's right, unless he meant over the entire North Texas area. In any case, we didn't get a drop of rain yesterday, the sun is out today, and I am grateful, even if it is a sauna outside. We are expecting more storms tonight so this afternoon I will have to kick myself out of this air conditioned house to mow the yard, or as much of it as I can mow without going through swampland.

And since this blog post seems a little bare, a picture of my new lawn mower. (insert half-hearted yay here.)


  1. It's been raining a LOT in my area, too. It has turned the sagebrush lands lush with undergrowth. It's a rare and lovely sight.

  2. You have had far more than we have, but I am ready for a few rainless days. Never thought I would say this.

  3. It's been a crazy May in TX and OK this year. No rain forecast for today, but I think we'll have cloudy skies all day. At this point, I'm happy to just be dry.

  4. Well, we in Southern Ontario finally got rain on the 30th of May - after a month of nothing! Highly unusual.


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