Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fabric Reports

When our garden was rained out in May, I was really upset at first. All that time, effort, and money preparing and planting the garden - down the drain. But it has turned out to be a blessing in many ways. The flower and water gardens needed attention and I have finally had time to give it to them. You haven't seen much of me lately because I am still working outside until almost noon and then collapsing the rest of the day. And this past week I've even been making rocks! No, not like a prison chain gang, though sometimes it feels like that kind of labor.

I told Hubby that I could take care of the house or the yard, and I chose the yard. The house will have to wait until fall, although it's beginning to look like hoarders live here. I also haven't been sewing or quilting since the rain stopped, so I haven't been doing stash reports. Since no one except me cares whether they are posted, I just let it go. But I did use some fabric a couple of weeks ago when I cut some blocks for our quilt group to use at our meeting. So even though that happened a couple of weeks ago, I'm just getting around to that report. So this week is a 3-fer.

As far as this week, nothing in, and nothing out.

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