Sunday, January 3, 2016

UFOs and a New Plan

I'm looking forward to this year because I have a new plan to deal with UFOs in 2016.

 Since I have to fold up my sewing table and cutting table in order to get out tables to pin quilts, or to use my quilt frame, I am going to finish piecing all the tops before I begin quilting.  That means I probably won't have many finishes before next fall.

So here are UFOs from 2014 and before:

1. Baby Bow

2.  Gairdin Walk

3.  Trip Around the World

4. Depression Blocks

5. Christmas Among Friends

6. Denim Cathedral Windows

7. Second Saturday Sampler

8.  Jacob's Ladder


These are UFOs started in 2015:

9.  Summer Crossroad

10.  Double Irish Chain

11.  Starry QAYG

12.  Sweet Sixteen

These are UFOs that will be hand-stitched and not likely to be finished in 2016:

13.  Colorful Butterflies

14. Star Travel.

15.  Antique Tile blocks.  I made these for a swap that never happened.  So now I have to do something with them.

16.  There will be at least one quilt started in 2016.  I need to make a quilt for the trailer.  I have a modern pattern in mind and already have the fabrics.

Linked to Design Board Monday at Bits 'n Bobs.


  1. I like them all but the last two are my favorites. You're so talented.

    Have a fabulous Sunday. ☺

  2. wow! some awesome patterns! and lots of work!

  3. Brilliant patterns and quite unique :-)

    Happy New Year :-)

  4. Good luck achieving your goals. They're all lovely and I'm wondering which is your favourite, and which one will you start with?

  5. All the best for a year of UFO's Marti....I look forward to seeing these come together! Thanks for linking up to Bits 'n Bobs and adding the link to your post.

  6. You are so creative. My last effort ended when I was no longer bald from chemo. I was making my own head covers using those round plastic things as a guide to loop the thread with, back in the days I could not work after surgery and during chemo. That was in 2012. I donated all those hat making stuff.

    I envy your talent. Those quilts are beautiful.

  7. You've got some beautiful UFOs there. Having a plan is half the battle. Good luck with the execution.


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