Sunday, February 28, 2016

Around the World from the Couch


I thought the month was going to end without a finish, but in the last week or so I've found time to get these done. Check out this post to see my goals for February. I named two projects hoping to get just one finished, and I finished both. Yahoo, yeehaw, and whew.

Thanks to Kate from Life in Pieces for helping me with the name for this quilt. Around the World from the Couch. It's a long, narrow quilt that just fits my recliner.

For the piece of panel cloth, I decided not to make a quilt, but to make a carry all for my car stuff. During the week, I drive the pickup and Hubby drives a car to work. But on weekends, he wants to drive the pickup so I have to clear all my stuff out and move it to the house or car. Invariably, I leave something in the pickup, or forget to grab it when I move stuff back to the pickup, and it's usually something important like a power cord. So I made this carrier to keep all that stuff in. When it's in the pickup, I can lay it out flat on the back seat or floor. I wanted to make it more accessible than those that hang on the back of the seat. I still need to add some velcro closures and make some of the pockets smaller, but left that until I know what is going to go in each pocket.

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  1. Congrats on your finishes! I tend to procrastinate and am extremely slow in working on projects. So, I haven't finished a single thing this year yet.

  2. Lovely Trip Around the World Quilt/Life in Pieces quilt. Nice to have the perfect size quilt for the recliner. I love your carry all bag with the inside pockets. Great idea to have something that is convenient to have when switching vehicles. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I first learned of Golden Threads from the owner of the local quilt shop who suggested it. It has been very helpful to use with several other projects. Have a great day! Maybe we will cross paths as we knock out those monthly goals - which by the way Congratulations with making your goal of completing two projects.

  3. You are so creative! Love your couch project - great name too!

  4. Both projects are really nice My DH would really like a cord holder too... : )

  5. Your organizer looks like a terrific and very useful project. Kids pencils/crayons, art supplies or quilting/sewing supplies, etc. There are so many possibilities.
    Would you consider writing a tutorial for it?


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