Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Leaders and Enders Project

Cathy at A Quilting Chick has a monthly linky party for leaders and enders, which is going to be added incentive for me to use up those boxes of scrap fabrics I have everywhere. I have found that it is easier for me to make simple, mindless blocks for leaders and enders. When I try to make pieced blocks or follow a quilt pattern, I spend more time on the leaders and enders than I do on the quilt I'm trying to make, and then start making mistakes on both of them. So nothing outstanding here, just simple string blocks. Brown is February's color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge but I've been sewing bags lately and that doesn't work well with leaders and enders because of the thread and foot used. Hopefully, I'll get back to my Crossroads quilt soon so I can finish more brown blocks. I need six of them for the end project I'm thinking about.

The block in the top right is paper pieced. I wanted to find a simple leader and ender that would work when doing paper piecing and using a regular foot and think this is work for that. I just need to remember to save some of each color to finish them. My goal with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is to use up those boxes of scraps.

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Leader/Ender Linky Party at A Quilting Chick.


  1. I love making string blocks too. Yours are looking great. Do you think we will ever get our scraps under control? lol

  2. Love them! This is perfect for leaders/enders. I also have done well with simple 4 patches. This will be gorgeous! Thanks for linking up!

  3. It's satisfying to make quilts from scraps. These blocks are lovely.

  4. Strings are next on my list to use up, they're starting to get out of control.

  5. So cool. Sounds like all those blocks would make a great quilt!

  6. Nice strings. I agree....sometimes I feel that I spend too much time on the leaders and Enders. Simplify!!!


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