Sunday, March 13, 2016

Simple Pleasures and Slow Sunday Stitching

(This photo has been altered to correct the color. I messed around with the settings on this photo so I could focus just on the center bloom, and while that part worked, for some reason it faded out the color on the bloom and foliage, so I hit the enhance color button to correct the color.)

Isn't it funny how one little thing can make or break your day? Luckily, it was make my day today. This odd spring weather we have had has made my Texas Mountain Laurel (Sophora secundiflora) bloom before my neighbor's wisteria for the first time in fifteen years. That's right. For fifteen years, I have smelled nothing but wisteria while my laurel was blooming, but finally, finally, finally, I got to smell nothing but the sweet smell of grape bubble gum wafting across my yard. It didn't hurt anything that the laurel is covered in blooms this year too. I guess that's from all the rain.

And to top it off, two Red Admiral butterflies (Sophora secundiflora) were visiting the blooms along with several honey bees and bumblebees.

My Texas Mountain Lauel:

The neighbor's wisteria:

Na na na na boo boo! hehehe

With all the rain we've had recently (over four inches this week), I should be out pulling weeds and mowing the yard, and I did do some of that yesterday, though it's too wet to drive the lawn mower. But today was really windy, so I stayed inside and did some slow stitching. Actually, I did some of it yesterday while we were driving, but today, I put the flowers together.

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MartiDIY said...

Oops, I accidentally deleted some comments, and one was from Nancy at Joy for Grace. I didn't get an email copy of her comment so answered her here (and deleted that too). So if you come back to see if I answered you Nancy, I did, and then I had a senior moment and clicked on stuff in the dashboard that I should have left alone.

Anyway, Nancy made a good analogy about the scents of flowers being like music and a loud car next to us can drown out our music. I did want to add that last year I planted another Texas Mountain Laurel in the backyard next to the deck so we can enjoy its fragrance without smelling the wisteria in the front yard.

Lee Ann L. said...

Cute Hexie Flowers. :-)

allthingzsewn said...

Morning Marti, I don't have anything blooming yet but the daffodils are trying. What kind of camera do you have?
I can never get the bees to show up with mine. Your hexi's look great.

Sandee said...

We're going to be feeling spring again starting tomorrow. It's going to be near 80 degrees by the end of this week. That will be nice.

Love all the plants. Spring rocks.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Tired Teacher said...

Spring blooms are always welcome after a long winter. Blooms are still another month (or more) away for my area, so I'll enjoy yours.

Jeanne said...

So exciting to see the blooms of spring! Green is spouting here.

June D said...

Nice post. All sorts of interesting things going on at your place!

Kate said...

Beautiful flowers! It's been a beautiful spring so far. You got lots of slow stitching done. Beautiful hexie flowers.