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Thursday, February 9, 2017

After the Harvest

Driving down the road the other day with my mother, we saw lots of cotton on the sides of the road where it had blown off the cotton trucks on the way to the gin. Mom remembered a drive with dad along the same road, which was near the area where dad grew up - son of a cotton farmer. She said there was cotton blown to the sides of the road then too and she remarked to dad that if his dad had been alive to see that, he would have ordered them all out of the car to pick up that wasted cotton. lol

I wonder what grandad would have thought of this cotton that was missed by the cotton stripper.


  1. Wicked stuff to pick my hand. Wicked. Great shot.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  2. Marti: Love this photo, I live in the north and am not privileged enough to see cotton in this form it fascinates me.
    I would love to have some raw cotton, someday I will take a trip south to experience lots of things we do not have or do in the north.


  3. My Mom remembers growing and picking cotton when she was a girl. Fun it was not according to her.

  4. Lovely photo... the closest thing we have in the UK is a sort of wild cotton that grows on the moors. Jx

  5. What does the cotton feel like when it's still on the bush? It looks so soft! I grew up in the U.K. and now live Down Under, so I've never seen cotton growing!

  6. ES, it feels a lot like a big cotton ball, but a little lumpy with bits of seed parts inside. The boll, or outer covering, becomes very hard after it opens and dries and the points are very sharp. There are a lot of phrases in the South about cotton picking, and none of them good. lol


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