Saturday, September 29, 2018

Kitchen Cart Makeover

A few weeks ago, someone left this cart beside our driveway. It was the evening before trash day and they probably wanted it to go out with our trash.

But I saw that it had wheels and took it in to remove the wheels. Turns out, it was the same height as our table saw and I used it a few days as a feed table for the table saw to cut some whole sheets of plywood. Just as I was about to take off the wheels and haul the cabinet back to the end of the driveway, Hubby mentioned that we might use it temporarily for garage storage. I've built a few cabinets for the garage, but no drawers yet. After looking it over again, I thought it might work in a spot I wanted to use for cooking in the garage.  I needed to make a narrow cabinet to fit between the refrigerator and freezer.  Earlier in the summer, I built a dutch oven cook table, but I didn't want to leave it outside all the time even though it was built out of pressure treated wood.  Instead, I wanted to store it under a counter in the garage so it wouldn't take up good counter space.

With the wheels off, I needed to build a new base for the cabinet, and since I wanted my dutch oven cabinet to slide under it, I needed take off the base anyway. The cabinet was completely made with mdf except for the thin butcher block top and drop leaf.  I started by taking everything apart and refinishing the butcher block top.  I used the two shelves in it to build a new base and reinforced with some scrap wood, and used the old base to make stretchers across the back. Then I refaced the cabinet with some scrap pine. I probably should have rebuilt the drawers as they are fairly shallow, but for now, I just built new drawer fronts. Attached to the wall, it is sturdy.

With my rebuilt drawer fronts, the original drawer screws were too short. When I tried using longer screws, I found that the original screws were metric. At first, I thought the cabinet was from Ikea, especially with the metric screws and being made of mdf, but I didn't see anything like it on their website. It probably came from Target or Walmart. It looked like something that had to be assembled by the buyer with a hex key. Since I didn't have any screws with the right threads, I decided to buy new pulls instead of new screws. Until I found some, I just made some pulls out of scrap. Later, I found some cute pulls at the big box store with the same spacing.  The dutch oven table fit under it with the concrete pavers removed.

With a curtain held in place with tension rods, and cabinets on both sides, no one will ever know it's not built of solid pine.

I used the attached towel holder and some of the leftover shelf scraps to build a new towel rack but I haven't finished that yet.  I made a shelf above it to hold eye wash and first aid supplies and then I cut the John Deere logo with a scroll saw.  Since the wall is a blue green, I didn't want to paint the shelf green and let Hubby pick the color.  It looks good against the wall.  Eventually, it will go on the wall to the left of this cabinet.  But that wall hasn't been painted yet.

After the cabinet was finished, the only leftoever pieces were the doors, the butcher block leaf, and the wheels.

Friday, September 28, 2018

First Real Modification to Our Fifth Wheel Trailer

In the RV world, mods are things done to an RV to make it work better or be more comfortable. We've done a few things, like added some stick on lights and towel bars, but nothing major. So this is my first.

The bottom part of the corner tv cabinet has a big open space with two doors separated by a panel.  The panel makes it hard to get to anything behind it, but I'm sure it is supporting the rest of the cabinet, thus the size.  Also, it was dark in there.  To take this photo, I had to hold a flashlight in one hand and the camera in the other.  Otherwise, the inside would look like the cubby above it on the left side - another odd little space.

We've never really known what to do with this space, especially since it doesn't have any shelves.  The previous owners had a laundry basket in it, and we tried that, but dirty clothes were always falling off the side into the black hole behind the panel, and hard to reach over the laundry basket.  They left the laundry basket in the cabinet, probably because it wouldn't come out easily.  We put various things in the odd shaped space on the left side and eventually just started tossing our shoes in there until they too ended up behind that panel and were hard to reach.

This week, I decided I'd had enough and I made some cardboard organizers.  If you'll notice, the cabinet is an irregular wedge shape and the corner on the left is walled off for something electrical. That makes the cabinet space wide at one end and narrow at the other end, with even less space in that one corner.

One of the biggest issues with an RV is the amount of weight it can carry and that the pickup can tow. Every pickup and trailer comes with its own weight limit called the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). Ours is 8800 pounds. That sounds like a lot until you start subtracting the dry weight of the trailer, the weight of water carried in the tanks, and the amount of cargo stowed in the trailer. The dry weight of our trailer is 7153. Then there are the unseen or unnoticed extras like the vent covers, the septic hoses, water hoses, surge protector, water regulator, filters, jacks and levelers, camp chairs, rugs, power tools and tool box, and storage bins for all that stuff. And we haven't even made it inside the trailer where the fun stuff is. It adds up fast.

I'm always amazed when I see RV remodels where someone has taken out the RV cabinets and replaced with a solid wood item. (RV cabinets are built with 1x1s, 1x2s, and 1/8" plywood. Yes, it's cheap, but it's also light weight. I don't know if they are aware they have a weight limit or if they just don't care. Going over the weight limit makes the trailer harder to pull, harder to stop, and it's just dangerous for them and everyone on the same road.

So with that in mind, I made these organizers out of cardboard. Heaven only knows we have enough of the stuff here and more delivered every week. I doubled the cardboard pieces, put them together with hot glue, and attached all the pieces with reinforced packing tape. They seem pretty solid, but time will tell.

Since we need to be able to access the electrical corner of the cabinet, I couldn't install anything permanently, so I made these pieces fit snugly together. No one piece could be very big and still get through the doors either. I'm not sure what the manufacturer was thinking when they designed this. A lot of people have put a fireplace there, but with it tucked behind the dining booth, we wouldn't be able to see it, or feel any heat, so this is a better option for us. Plus, we didn't have anywhere else to put shoes or the vacuum.  I also made room for a small printer and our big collection of plastic tote bags, aka trash bags.

Here they are in place.

And loaded with stuff.

I also added a small, stick on light so we can see what's in there.  Next, dividers for the upper cabinet in the kitchen.  Not that there is a separate kitchen in our RV; if I stand in the middle of the room, I can be in the kitchen, dining room and living room at the same time.  As tiny house people say, it's not crowded, it's cozy.  Liars.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Funny Feline Friday

I think my cat is a masochist. He thinks he is a martyr.

This is not the face of a happy cat. This is his accusing look. Blaming me for the too small, too hard, and too uncomfortable bed he is in.

He has a soft, cushy bed.

But will he sleep in it? No. He sleeps in every new box that comes in, and under boxes that are propped against another box. He sleeps on the rug in front of the door so he can see us from all directions. He sleeps inside the coiled garden hose. He sleeps on an uneven pile of lumber. But he won't sleep in his bed. So it was no surprised to see him sleeping in this tub that had been in the pond for a year and smelled like pond scum. I threw a rug in it to make it more comfortable, and then he wouldn't sleep in it anymore.

He likes to be wherever we are working, regardless of the noise or mess, so it should have been no surprise to find that he had made himself at home in this container. It is right in the middle of the room we are insulating.

It looks a little like a cat bed, but it isn't. It is a cast iron hibachi that I put on some wood to flatten it, and I put a towel over it to keep the dust and cat hair from sticking to the oil on it.

It can't be comfortable, and not just because it is iron. See the middle? The damper is in the middle of the hibachi, sticking up right where Buddy's lying.

After I took these pictures, I moved the damper to the side and covered it back up. Then, I put a chair cushion on the floor for him to sleep on. When I came back through the next time, he was back in the hibachi. Silly cat.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Cat Said

If you own a cat a cat owns you, you've probably said that from time to time, maybe even daily. If you own a dog, you may have said "the dog said...". It's not like they really say the words.  Wait, before you correct me Pixie and Zorro, let me amend that. They are saying the words, but not in human language. But as pet parents, we learn what their sounds mean.

Hubby was resistant to Buddy's charms at the beginning, and called him "your cat" for at least a year. He continued to huff about "your cat this," or "your cat that" until I walked into his office one day to find the Buddy in his lap. It still took him a long time to say "our cat" and he left most of the responsibility to me. Over time though, Buddy wore him down, and now he thinks Buddy is almost part of the family. (I think Buddy is part of the family.)

We went outside the other day and left Buddy snoozing inside. After a few minutes, we heard him meowing at the door and Hubby said, "Buddy says he is hungry." But that wasn't the hungry meow, that was the 'you're outside without me' meow. I opened the door, Buddy sauntered out, and all was good.

If you asked me to tell you the difference between the 'I'm hungry' meow and the 'I want to be with you' meow, I couldn't tell you. I just know it's different. Language immersion, taught by the cat!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Bloggers, PLEASE Watermark Your Pictures!

Not feeling well this morning, I decided to surf the web for some RV organization ideas, especially how to deal with Hubby's shoes. I found a picture on Google, which led to Pinterest, which led to another Pinterest, which led to yet another Pinterest, which seemed to lead to a blog. I searched the blog, and no photo. I did an image search of that photo and the search results yielded eight pages of results, and only one of them was Pinterest. But none of those results went to real websites either. Well, I suppose they were real, but they had no substance. They are websites that collect photos and snippets of popular information from other websites and they are designed for the sole purpose of installing cookies on computers. Your computer and my computer. You can read more about it here and see a few ways to protect yourself from these modern day cookie monsters.

Here's what I mean. I went to and typed Unique shoe rack into the search box. Google image search does better with photos that stand out from the others, thus the word unique. Then, I picked a photo that went to an actual website. This photo:

The link was to and they sourced the photo to That photo, however, is not on The Shrine's website. It may be an old design which has been taken off their website, or it may not be their photo at all. So I went to their About us page, where there is a photo of their original shoe rack design, not watermarked, and did a google image search for it. Now you would think that doing an image search from the original photo on the original website would make it easy to find. Apparently not. Google came up with ten pages of search results, and from my quick glance, The Shrine wasn't found at all. This, however, is what it did find:

Search garbage. For the last year, nearly every image search I have done has been filled with this stuff and it has gotten a lot worse in the last few months.

Google image search is pretty worthless now because of Pinterest and these Cookie websites. It's almost impossible to find the original source of a photo unless it is watermarked. So if you see a photo of a whatzit on pinterest and you'd like to see how they made it, or see it from another angle, you probably aren't going to be able to find it unless it is watermarked or the photo is sourced.

Fellow bloggers, I beg of you, please watermark your photos so the rest of us can track them back to you. It won't keep these websites from using them without permission. I've given up on trying to protect my photos, but I do watermark most of them so people will know that the photos are mine and not the website where they found it. Until the last few days, I didn't think it was necessary to watermark poor photos, but after my search this morning, I am rethinking that too.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Storm Clouds Moving In

You know by now that I love clouds and I love odd and unusual things. So when I saw this cloud Saturday evening, I ran to get the closest camera, which happened to be my phone. Not the best for good photos, but I thought I was only going to show this to Hubby, so it didn't matter. Do you see the dragon cloud?

I recently moved my galvanized stock tank pond into the middle of the 'yard' beyond the back porch, and we've been sitting around it nearly every night lately. So after I took that photo, I let the cat out, propped my feet up on the edge of the stock tank and got ready to watch the sunset. The sunset itself was nothing special, but I glanced to the east and saw that the clouds had continued to build, and as the sky darkened below the clouds, the top of the clouds caught the sun and shone a brilliant white. I took a quick photo even though all the antenna lines marred the beauty.

Just after the last bit of sun disappeared over the horizon, I glanced back again to the east and was amazed at the colors that had appeared around that cloud.  This time I ran past the antennas to take a picture.

The colors were brilliant swirls of pinks, corals, and blues, and my phone camera doesn't do it justice. I had to lighten the photo for the bottom of the clouds to show up and it distorted it a little, but it didn't affect the colors.  This picture shows the color but not the intensity that they really had.

It rained this morning, a nice, slow rain that turned all the low spots into little pools, and then the sun broke through and chased away all the clouds. Late this afternoon, the clouds started building again, and I grabbed Hubby's old phone, which is still a newer phone than mine. He had to quit using it when it started dialing random phone numbers when no one was even touching it. As I type this, it is on the counter taking pictures of the ceiling every so often. The last thing Hubby needs is a phone that calls customers at 2 a.m. so now it is only good as a camera. It looked like the clouds were going to split and rain on everyone but us. To the east, the clouds were sending rain to the same area that got it Sunday night.

And to the west, it was moving right over the neighbor's house.

Right after this, the clouds on both sides moved our way, colliding over us with pounding rain, lightning, and thunder that shook the walls and sent the cat running for a place to hide.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

How to Find the Expiration Date of Dr Pepper Part 2

I received a comment on a post titled How to Find the Expiration Date of Dr Pepper and Snapple Unknown asked:
Do you know how to determine the expiration date on canned Dr. Pepper?
On the bottom:
M7 360HX
L3 1331
The easy answer is September 26, 2018, if it is a regular Dr Pepper.  Read on to find out how I arrived at that date.

I bought a can of to illustrate but I'll use Unknown's numbers instead of the numbers on the bottom of my can.

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page on the Dr Pepper website says the only way to read the code on their products is to call their 800 number. But that's not quite true, at least for the top row of date codes, according to the Dr Pepper employee I talked to. It may be true about the numbers regarding the plant where each can or bottle is made.

Remember the decoder sheet I got from the man stocking Dr Pepper at the store?  (Click to enlarge.)

The black lines didn't photograph well, but you can fill it in easily. The first column is A-M, without an I because it looks too much like J. Second column is January-December. Third column is J-M,A-H, again no I, and so on with the next columns.

The code on her can is M7360HX; under that code is L3 1331.

I'm going to divide that first group of numbers. M-7-360 (HX).  For now, we are going to ignore the HX.

  • M means it was made in December. 
  • 7 is the last number of the year made, which would be 2017 unless he or she has had this can for a long time.  Then, it could be 2007 I suppose.
  • 360 is the day of the year it was made.  Looking at Epoch Converter, the 360th day of 2017 was December 26. 
  • From the Dr Pepper's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page, Dr Pepper made with sugar or corn syrup in a glass bottle or metal can has a shelf life of nine months.  If it is a diet soda made with Aspartame or an AceK blend, the shelf life is three months.
Assuming Unknown's can is made with sugar or corn syrup, her can will expire nine months after December 26, 2017 which is September 26, 2018.  So it's still good.

If Unknown's can is a diet soda,  it will expire three months after December 26, 2017 which was March 26, 2018.

Now, just in case you are curious, here is what I've learned about the other numbers in the code.  The HX is the code for the manufacturing plant that made the product, but I don't know which plant that is.  I'm in Texas and most of the codes I see on the Dr Pepper cans and bottles (when I remember to look) are numbers like DP3, DP8, etc.  Dr Pepper Snapple bought out other drink companies too, one of which is Hawaiian Punch, originally bottled in California.  So maybe the HX designates that bottling plant.  But that's just a guess.  I really have no idea.  Maybe Unknown will come back and tell me where he or she bought the can.

The next line on Unknown's can is L3 1331, and it was probably written L3 13:31.  L3 is the shift number which is often necessary when a plant has more than one shift working at the same time making the same thing, and 13:31 is the time of day that can was produced.  That would be 1:31 PM for those of us who struggle with military time.  If you notice on my can, there is no shift number.  It could be there that that plant only has one production line, or just one production line of Dr. Pepper in cans.

Friday, August 31, 2018

I Got Hammered Late One Night

It's September first already. Where has the time gone?

I'm feeling a lot better and have started working on projects again. I'll try to take some pictures soon. I spent one day building a couple of cabinets and was surprised I had that kind of energy and that I could take the heat in the garage all day. That evening, I decided to take it easy and just do a little cleanup. One thing I wanted to do was hang the brooms behind the garage door. Easy enough, just put a couple of nails in the wall siding. But no, that T1-11 siding is hard! I hammered two or three times, stubbornly thinking I could drive a nail through 3/8 inch plywood without drilling a pilot hole. One more good whack and I'd have it in, I thought. The hammer glanced off the nail and onto my thumb, tearing out the skin on the side.

After I stopped the bleeding, I held my thumb up, half expecting to see it visibly pulsing like some big, red, cartoon thumb. It wasn't. It did put me out of action for a few days though.

Lesson learned. Drill pilot holes in T1-11!

Monday, July 30, 2018

Friday Night With Friends

I know there is a stitching linky party with that name, but that's not what I mean here. I have friends that I've known for years, some from grade school. We go on trips together every year and try to get together for a weekend here and there too. Friday night, one of them started a group text that went on for a couple of hours. It was so much fun and was almost as good as being together. Thanks to autocorrect, we added a few new phrases to our store of private jokes too. If you ever hear someone say they had a paucity attack, you may get to meet me or one of my friends. What is a paucity attack? Well, it could be that stressed feeling when you open your mouth to say something, and the words just aren't there.

I haven't been doing much of anything for the last week. I've been taking it easy, although I did put up a little insulation. It's been hot here and the drought continues. Farmers around here are baling everything over two feet tall, and cotton is shriveling in the fields. This morning, it looked like a big storm was headed our way, but just south of Dallas, it stalled, backed up a little, and then moved east. We got a little outflow wind, but not a drop of rain. August is generally a dry month, and usually the hottest month, so I don't expect the drought to end any time soon. I just hope we get some relief in September.

Last Thursday and Friday, I had some thyroid tests but no results from them yet. On Friday and Saturday, I felt better than I have in a long time. I wonder if the slight amount of radioactive iodine had anything to do with that, or if it was the green smoothies and healthy diet? Whatever it was, it's gone now. But we did eat birthday cake all weekend (Hubby's birthday) and that is never a good thing.

Hubby is an auction nut. But not in a bad way. We used to go to live auctions a lot, but now he does most of them online. Thursday afternoon, he got a notice for an appliance liquidation auction. We looked at it, and it was an auction for high end appliances like Viking, Asko, and Bertazzoni. It was ending at 7:00, just a few hours away. No time to go preview the appliances in person, only by the photos online. We talked it over and decided to roll the dice on a few of them. We were high bidder on an Asko dishwasher, a Bertazzoni induction cooktop, and Viking oven, warming drawer and vent hood.

We picked them up Saturday but didn't get to inspect them until we got home. They were all unused, but some were several years old, and there was a reason the store was auctioning them. We just had to find what it was on each one and see if we could fix it. The dishwasher worked perfectly when it was plugged in. It is white though and that may be why it was at auction. I can deal with the white later. The cooktop is an older model and has a scratch on the top corner. Works perfectly though and began boiling water immediately. The vent hood has a dent on one side but I think it will be covered by the cabinet next to it. The oven and warming drawer both had problems opening and the warming drawer is blue. The oven's problem was a stripped screw so will be an easy fix. It worked fine when we plugged it in. It is an older model but that's exactly what I liked about it. The warming drawer's frame wasn't attached at the bottom. Once that was attached, it opened right and worked fine. And since Hubby works in the business, he can easily get the front powder coated to match the oven. Total cost was $1368. I'm stoked.

Today's agenda includes tackling Mt. Laundry, and cleaning the trailer, anything to put off the pile of paperwork on my desk. Or maybe I should do that first and get it out of the way before I start cleaning? Or maybe I should ignore everything?

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Taking a Blogging Break

You probably figured that out already though.

I'd like to say it's because I've been so busy building and farming, but that's not the case. I've just been tired, tired to the bone as they say. I've been tired for a long time but it's been getting worse the last few months and the heat makes me wilt like a cut flower. Then, I started feeling weak and shaky and decided I'd better get myself to the doctor for some blood tests. Turns out, I have hyperthyroidism. As the PA said when she called, my numbers were off the charts. Well, no wonder I didn't feel good! I need to see an endocrinologist next week and then decide a course of action.

In the meantime, I'm drinking kale and spinach smoothies three times a day to try to lower the amount of hormone the thyroid produces and hopefully reduce some of the symptoms.

In front of the watermelon, it looks pretty good, and I can almost drink the whole glass before my tongue refuses to taste anymore. It kind of smells like fresh cut grass. I've never eaten grass, so I'm not sure how the taste compares. A few more days of this and I'll be mooing with the cows next door.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

How's the Weather?

It rained yesterday! At least drops of water hit the ground but they dried instantly. My mother would say that it rained a foot - every drop was a foot apart. But it's the first moisture we've had in weeks, so it's worth noting. The best part is that it was overcast all morning, which made for a cooler day. It rained sprinkled on and off for about an hour, and between the drops, it was often misty. I'll take it. But after the sun came out, it quickly became hot and muggy. The evening news weatherman said the high was 92° and with 52% humidity, it felt like 103°. I'd rather not take that.

Today, a local Wunderground station says it is already 96° and shouldn't get much higher.  But the heat index (shown here as FEELS LIKE) may be a lot higher.

I worked in the garage yesterday and it felt hot even with the door open. Usually, we get a decent breeze but not yesterday. I took apart a sink table that hasn't seen much use, and built a dutch oven table out of the pieces. By late afternoon, I was so hot and sweaty that I could barely hold on to the hammer. Finally, when I was just about finished, I walked around the corner of the trailer and saw that the two big windows were closed. No wonder it was so hot in there all day! Hubby thought we might get a heavy rain so had closed them before he left for work. I opened them, which didn't help much with the heat that had built up in the garage, but it did come in handy later.

After dinner, I started cleaning up my mess, and the mess that the cat made with his cat food, and eventually Hubby went in to take a shower and go to bed. I finished up and took the cat carrier outside to empty it and the door shut behind me. You have to know this door to fully appreciate that sentence. The door isn't the problem, but the door knob is a problem. It's the kind that doesn't really unlock when the inside knob is turned. The button in the middle doesn't pop out unless it is turned and then the door knob is turned twice. I bought a new door knob but it wouldn't fit. Hubby said we have to have a whole new door, and that just hasn't made it to the critical to do list. I had unlocked the door earlier and had been in and out all day. But someone locked it before he went to bed, and I didn't notice until I turned around to come back in.

Good grief! Now I had to pound on the door until Hubby heard me. But there were two things working against me: Hubby's hearing isn't very good, and the air conditioner in the trailer was on. If you've ever been in a travel trailer with the a/c on, you know how hard it is to hear over it. I had turned it up to 85 while I was working in the garage, so I knew it wasn't going to shut off for a long time and Hubby obviously didn't hear me pounding. So I picked up a stick and went around to the two, big windows and started pounding on them. They are only a few feet from the trailer's bedroom window which would make it easier for Hubby to hear. I pounded and pounded and FINALLY, I heard the trailer door open, so I shouted, "Unlock the door and let me in!" and then the trailer door shut.

Even though Hubby doesn't usually mind walking on the dirty garage floor, I thought he might have gone inside to find some shoes; I walked back to the demon door and waited. And slapped mosquitoes. And waited. And waited. Finally, I started pounding on that door again and when he still didn't come, I went back to the window and pounded on it. Then I heard the trailer door open again and Hubby shouted, "Where are you?"

To which I replied, "I'm outside, I need you to unlock the door!" And I went back to the door just as he opened it.

"What are you doing out there?" he wanted to know as I picked up the cat carrier and brought it back inside.

"Locked out, and I was just about to break a window to get back in. Why didn't you unlock the door the first time you came out/" I wanted to know.

"I thought you were on the other side of the trailer hammering on something."

"I was hammering on something - the window! Why you didn't call out or come around to find out? You didn't hear me yell through the window to unlock the door?" I was indignant.

We have got to get a new door. And soon. It is way too hot to be locked outside.

Six Sentence Story June 20

The cue word today is polish. Or maybe it is Polish.

Just Look For It

I studied the polish on my nails before I gave a reply.

"No," I said slowly, searching for the right words, "happiness is not hard to find."

"You just have to work on it as much as you do cost anaylsis or playing games on your phone."

Allison shrugged, "I don't want to work at it, I just want it to be there when I want it, like an automatic teller machine."

I smiled and shook my head, "I think you need to recognize happiness when it happens to you, like right now with your new manicure."

She looked at her nails with the sparkly crescent on each one and looked at me in surprise, "You're right, that did make me happy and I didn't even realize it!"

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Six Sentence Story Thursday

Thank you Girlie on the Edge for the warm welcome. I have always enjoyed this kind of writing; it reminds me of Weekly Readers in grade school that had a sentence starter like "It was a dark and stormy night..." If there is a way to comment on your blog, I haven't been able to find it, so let me just comment here that your Six last week was so touching.

Last week and this week, when I saw the cue word, a story instantly played out in my mind. A couple of hours ago, I asked Hubby read the one I wrote for this week and he finally said, "Gee, that's kind of dark isn't it, especially for you?" And yes, it was. In light of that, and not wanting to offend anyone, I have been trying to come up with something else. Nothing really clicked with me, but running short of time, this is what I finally settled on.

Jealous Bellus

Cassie was thrilled when her husband gave her a little ball of fluff named Corkie the Yorkie; her cat, Bellas, was not thrilled and watched from atop the refrigerator as Corkie was petted and pampered.

A stuffed, brown monkey with floppy arms and legs soon became Corkie's favorite toy; a spotted giraffe with squeakers was a close second, but one day neither could be found.

That afternoon, she heard Corkie barking hysterically in the kitchen; Cassie called but Corkie didn't come and when she went into the kitchen to investigate, she saw Corkie barking at Bellas who was sleeping on top of the refrigerator.

The offending puppy was thoroughly scolded and put into her crate and the mistreated cat was petted and given some treats to make up for being disturbed.

The next day, Cassie heard Corkie barking again in the kitchen and she ran angrily toward the sound; when she rushed around the corner, Corkie was standing on her hind legs with her front legs pawing the refrigerator while the stuffed monkey dangled over the top edge in Bellas' mouth.

Bellas froze when she saw Cassie, and then dropped the monkey to the excited dog on the floor; Cassie cleared her throat menacingly and Bellas dropped her head and nudged the giraffe over the edge too and walked meekly to her crate.

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Monday, June 11, 2018

Kids Tractor Pull

At the tractor pull we went to a couple of weeks ago, there was a kids event as well. These tractors ran on kid power. There were two pedal tractors for the smaller children and a pedal go cart for the bigger ones, and like the big event, they had to pull a weighted sled as far as they could. I just love this little boy. He put everything he had into it.

This boy and girl didn't get very far but they had big crowd support.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Six Sentence Story

After seeing this on MessyMimi's Meanderings, I've decided to give the Six Sentence Story a try.

The rain was pounding on the old metal barn roof, dripping through holes to the fresh straw below where a heifer was struggling to give birth for the first time.

Each contraction wrung a moaning bellow from the heifer followed by heavy panting, and I could do nothing but watch and wait.

Finally, two tiny hooves appeared and then disappeared, causing both heifer and man to groan; when the hooves appeared again, I caught them and pulled gently, guiding the calf into his new world.

Another push and a bellow and I had to dodge the flailing hooves of the heifer as she tried to get traction; suddenly, the calf was born and lying motionless in the hay.

The cow rose to her feet and I backed out of the way; she began licking life into her calf who gave a squeaky mewl and rose shakily to his feet and bumped his head along his mother's flank until he found warm milk.

It was past midnight as I trudged wearily through the rain to the welcoming glow of light from the kitchen window; I pulled off my boots, shed my coat, and sank into a chair as my wife put a cup of steaming coffee in my hand and listened as I told her about our fine, new bull-calf.

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