I am a Christian wife and mother. I've been a homeschool mom, a soccer mom, a Girl Scout mom, and a Tae Kwon Do mom. Now I'm just a mom and I love a sense of humor, simple, country living, quilting, wood crafts, gardening, genealogy, and have a passion to build and live in a solar passive house. This is an all-purpose blog for all my interests. Whatever you came here to read about, you'll get a dose of the rest of my life along with it.


  1. I love it here!! I will be following you regularly. We have a lot in common. I just finished reading your recent post on blogging and I am still smiling. I am looking forward to reading your blog.

  2. Hi Marti, love your blog, there is so much I want to read! You are a gifted writer! I am following through my wordprss reader. Love the stories about the Cat! Your quilts are beautiful! I will be back to catch up later!


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