Monday, January 19, 2009

Cheap Security Alarm to Prank Friends and Family

I really dislike greeting cards because they are such a waste of money. I resent paying $3.50 for a card to go with a gift, and I really feel bad for the person who gives one to me. They paid good money and stood in line for who knows how long to pay for it, so I can read it for three seconds and then throw it away. I am not one of those sentimental people who keeps greeting cards. I have enough paper cluttering my existence.

However, I received a birthday card last year that I just couldn't throw away. It was one of those greeting cards that plays music when you open them, and I just couldn't throw away something that seemed to have a use. Or did it? I kept it for two months until I thought of something. They can be taken apart to make a gag security alarm. I cut out the part of the card with the chip and speaker and glued it to one of those freebie magnets from the dentist's office. Then I slipped a regular strip of paper under the connection and taped it to the door so it can be pulled out when the door opens.

Actually, I put this on the side of my freezer with the paper taped to the freezer door; it is completely out of sight from anyone opening the freezer. It's been a lot of fun to hear everyone when they open the freezer door and the music starts playing. Unfortunately I couldn't get a picture of it on the freezer so put it on the back door for the photo shoot.

I can think of a lot of fun uses for this, on the cookie jar (of course it would have to be attached to a metal cookie container or attached in another way), on a hotel door, on the tv cabinet, or anywhere else you want to startle people. Watch out though, Brownie almost dropped a glass when she opened the freezer the first time.

Until next time, may you have blessings and fun pranks,


  1. I had no idea the cards had that large of a speaker to them! Good thinking, sounds like something fun to do. My 13 yo already used a science experiment kit to make his version of an alarm that was way too quiet, so I might have to see if I happen to have anymore old musical cards sitting around for him to work with now.

  2. The speaker may look bigger in the picture, it's 1-1/2", but loud enough to startle.