Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Decorating and Husbands

In the past few days I have painted my bedroom two different shades of neutral and didn't like either color. I'm actually not a fan of taupe and I can't seem to find a beige with a light and airy feeling that is still dark enough to contrast with white trim. I consulted with Hubby before picking the first color to make sure it wouldn't be too light. It was, and instead of looking beige, it looked like a dirty white. The second had too much pink in it, and was exactly that color of taupe I have disliked since childhood. Hubby doesn't comment, as he thinks there is nothing wrong with white walls. This from a man who has spent the last thirty years in the paint business..

In fact, Hubby could care less about most of the arranging, color choices, and accessorizing that goes on around here. Most of my friends say their husbands are the same. As long as they have a comfortable chair, football on tv, and food on the table, they are happy. I have wondered over this in the past, but Hubby finally gave me the key to his thought process when he described the perfect cabin for his hunting lease. He could live in this for a week just as happily as in our house, maybe even happier since he would have no chores.

See what I'm up against?

Until next time, may you have blessings and a happy home,

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