Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Sounds of Christmas…Pop, Pop, Pop!

Actually that’s the sound of breaking light bulbs when they fall and hit the sidewalk below.

It looks like Christmas preparations are finally underway at our house. I wanted to do this over the beautiful Thanksgiving weekend, but our plans changed when we suddenly decided to go to Tulsa to meet our girls, and that was much more important.

Since then, the weather has been bad or I haven’t felt well enough to even help from the ground. But Tuesday afternoon was nice, so when Hubby got home from work, we began pulling out boxes of lights, but only got one string up before the sun went down. Yesterday, he got home earlier and we began again. Yesterday wasn’t as nice as Tuesday. It was cold and breezy. I had on my warmest coat, lined gloves and a wool cap, and I was still cold. It’s also hard to change out lightbulbs with thick leather gloves on so I had to keep taking them off. Brrr!

I am usually the one who puts the lights on the house, but since I haven’t been feeling well, Hubby didn’t want me on the roof. He didn’t want on the roof either, but he did it so I would promise not to go up there. I promised. With a step stool, I can do the lower lines of the roof, but I can’t do the gables without moving a ladder every few feet, so I usually just get on the roof and do it from there, especially since I have to get up there to do the ridge. One part of our roof is really steep (12 in 12 pitch) and is surrounded by concrete. A fall from it would definitely mean a trip to the hospital. Hubby won’t get up there at all, so if it gets done, I do it. For him to offer was really something.

What I didn’t know is that he didn’t intend to do the ridges and he only got on the roof to do the gable on the part of the roof that isn’t steep (6 in 12 pitch). For the steep gable he used the ladder. Made a mess of the flower beds too, but I guess that’s ok. It’s just dirt and flowers. So with him on the ladder and me handing up strings of light, we did the roofline on house and garage. It’s funny how much of a difference a few lights make. Our old house seems so warm and cheery now. (I’ll add a picture tonight.)

We had been out there about an hour when our mail carrier came by. She’s from Canada and was driving an old postal Jeep with the door open. She had on a jacket, but no hat or gloves. She grinned at me and I asked her if she was cold and she said no. So I laughed at her and she laughed at me.

Until next time, may you have blessings and twinkling lights,

P.S. Diet update: I lost another pound just eating low carb. Yippee. That makes a total of five pounds.

P.S.2. UGI results. The ENT doctor called and said the UGI didn't show anything major and he still suspects something like acid reflux (despite me never having heartburn) and wants me to see a gastroenterologist to be scoped. Sounds veddy uncomfortable.


  1. hope you are feeling better. good job on the diet! have a good weekend!

  2. I use to climb out my daughters room window to get on the roof--I say use to--like when I was in my 50's. None of that now--can't even climb a dumb ladder anymore as can't put my weight on my right leg. Speaking of weight--I am going back on Atkins in January. Low carbs always seems to work well for me.