Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cat Watch

After the cat got beat up last weekend, we set up a wildlife camera to see if the bully cat would return. Meanwhile, the cat limps out of the doghouse in the morning and waits for me to come pick him up and take him into the kitchen to eat. Then I carry him to a bed in a sunny spot on the deck where he spends the morning and eventually he limps over to a sleeping spot under a bush. At dusk, he limps back to the house where we feed him and then carry him back to the dog house where he has stayed all night since he got hurt. Or so we thought. Pictures tell the story.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Early Saturday morning, The Bully Cat roams the deck. (The camera clock is set on daylight time)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday morning, I fed The Cat and got him settled on the deck, and then we left for church.

Cat got up and checked to see if we left anything and then heads back to his bed.

We got back from church and he was right where we had left him.

After lunch, we started taking down Christmas decorations and he watched from his bed.

Pic 219, 226

We went in to rest and out came The Cat.

We came back out to put up the boxes, feed the cat, carried him to the dog house, and went in for our dinner.

The Cat came back out and checked out the deck.

After we went to bed, The Bully Cat came over.

The Cat followed him and then guarded the deck.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hubby checked on The Cat before he left for work and said the cat was in the dog house waiting for him. Too cold for The Cat to want to leave the dog house. Later, he came to the house with Hubby and demanded some cat food.

After the sun came out, I put him on a bed on the deck and he came right back to the house.

Snoopy showed up to see if anything was left in the cat bowl. And fyi, electric fences don’t work on Trex decks.

The Cat checking out the food bowl. It’s empty so he sat by the office door meowing until he got Hubby’s attention. His foot started bleeding and I decided to take him to the vet Tuesday if I can get him in a cage.

I fed him and put him to bed in the dog house. He came back. He’s learned to hop, or skip, or something.

Hubby heard something and thought it might be The Bully Cat.

I put out a bowl of food right in front of the camera so we could see the bully cat from the front. The Cat came to check it out. I don’t know if he ate it all.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Early Tuesday morning, The Bully Cat showed up.

The Cat is up bright and early. He usually doesn’t get up until after daylight and when it’s warmer.

I kept the cat inside to keep an eye on his foot. So there was no food when Snoopy came.

Or Bailey

I have no idea why I am carrying The Cat or why he is letting me.

I went to the vet’s office, picked up a cat tranquilizer and a squeeze cage, and then spent the next hour trying to get the cat to eat it. Finally dissolved the pill in whipping cream and smeared it on his paws while he was cleaning them. He ate enough to get a little groggy and we dropped him into the cage. Off to the vet.

I brought him home in a Rubbermaid tub. He was tranquilized so I didn’t need a lid on it.

The vet gave him a anesthetic shot, shaved his leg, took some of the loose skin off, packed the leg with antibiotic powder, gave him an antibiotic shot, wrapped his leg, and sent us home. The leg is wrapped from toe to shoulder. While he was coming out of the anesthetic, he was on a pallet on the floor and seemed agitated so I put him on my lap and pet him until he could move enough to get down. By then, he was beginning to growl and wanted to walk. Since we didn’t have a cage, we locked him in the shed for the night to protect him from any cats who might come into the dog house.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Early Wednesday, a black and white cat came by. Haven’t seen this one before.

Then The Bully Cat checked out the deck.

This morning, the cat was really hungry and meowing loudly to be let out of the shed. I have more antibiotic I have to put on his food. The vet assured me it tastes like chicken and cats love it. Not this cat. I put it on canned food and he ate a few bites and then wanted the dry stuff. He went to the cabinet where the dry stuff is and waited. I didn’t give it to him and eventually, he got mad and went to the door, so I let him out. Then he wanted in. So I let him in. Then out. Then he went to the office door and began meowing loudly until Hubby came to the house and asked me if I had fed him yet. So I put the medicated food out with him. He finally got hungry enough to eat it. Tomorrow, I’m rubbing the stuff on his foot and letting him eat what he wants.

He doesn’t like the wrap on his leg because he can’t bend it and do his hop.

Another neighbor’s dog. The fence didn’t keep her out either. The cat was inside when this one came into the backyard and The Cat and I watched her through the window.

Now that I know a little pain won’t stop the cat from guarding the deck at night, he is locked in the shed again tonight. He would be an easy target for The Bully Cat right now.

That’s it for the critter cam pictures and update on the cat. Oh yeah, the vet told me that he needed a name for his records, so the cat now has an official name. It’s Tom, or as the prescription says, Tom ******(our last name). I have a feeling we’ll still just call him the cat.

Until next time, may you have blessings and a camera to check up on your furbaby,