Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ninth Annual Girls' Weekend

This year we went to Sedona, Arizona. We flew into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and I think it was 109 degrees and felt like walking into a furnace. But Sedona is a two-hour drive into the mountains and it was cooler there. It was supposed to be in the low 90's while we were there, but it was in the high 90's. It might have been a dry heat but hot is hot, with or without humidity. The only bad thing was that those of us who are used to humidity suffered from dry noses (and that hurts) and eyes. One of the group even had her soft contact fall out of her eye since it was so dry.

We stayed in a cabin on the bank of Oak Creek near Slide Rock State Park with park-like landscaping.
It had been remodeled recently and had all windows across the back overlooking the spring-fed creek. The sound of rushing water was so peaceful. It covered up the sounds of the traffic and people at the state park across the creek. However, it didn't cover up the sounds of a small animal that ran across the roof one night. Only D and I heard it and we both sat bolt upright in our beds, listening, and trying to figure out if it was on the roof, in the walls, or in the room with us. We finally decided it was on the roof, but it took awhile to get back to sleep after that. Other than that and a couple of close encounters with spiders (they were really BIG spiders), it was a great retreat.

This is the view of the creek from our balcony, though it was much prettier than my camera could capture.

There was no air conditioning, but we were gone during the heat of the day and it dropped into the high 50's or 60's at night. It was wonderful waking up to the chill while snuggled into a soft comforter.

The first day we went to Sedona, visited the Chapel of the Holy Cross, the shops in town, and ate at terrific restaurants. The Chapel overlooked this fantastic house which was built by the Romanian guy who patented lasik. After seeing his yard, I told Hubby I wanted a pond like that. *giggle*

Then in the afternoon, the rest of my friends went on a pink jeep tour of the mountains while I went to a chiropractor. A tense plane ride and a soft bed apparently worked together to pinch my sciatic nerve and I wasn't comfortable standing, sitting, or walking. But after an adjustment and ice pack, I was good to go.

On Saturday, we drove up to the little town of Jerome built on the side of a mountain. The houses and a lot of the buildings were literally hanging off the side of the mountain, even the garages. It had been a big copper mining town, then a ghost town, and was revived by artists in the 1970's.

Not only are the evenings cool and pleasant there, but when the setting sun hits the mountains, it is spectacular.

We drove back to Phoenix on Sunday, and ran into a traffic jam on the highway. We were sweating bullets as we turned in our rental car and rushed to the airport to get the first of our group to her flight on time. Even after she got her boarding pass we weren't sure if she would make it to the terminal in time but she texted that she just made it. Whew! That was cutting it close.

It was nice to be home and sleep in my own bed, but it sure seemed hot the next morning.