Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Addition Has Finally Begun! Day 1

Here's what we started with. The slab had been poured a few years ago.
We couldn't find our old chisel so Hubby bought one with a rubber guard on it so I wouldn't pound my hand when I missed the handle, and believe me, after a few hours, I missed the handle quite a few times. And that chisel and hammer went from two pounds to ten pounds.
Now that's love! *smile*

We got a late start and didn't begin tearing brick off until 4 p.m. We were hoping to get it all off, but even taking turns with the hammer and chisel, our arms and backs gave out before we finished. Here it is at 8 p.m.
Afterward we had a big pile of bricks that need to be cleaned and reused, and a smaller pile of mortar rubble.
I'll try to do a daily update, but it may just be pictures.


FlowerLady said...

The start of any project is daunting. Taking daily pictures will be a great diary of what is going on.

Don't work too hard or too long, easier said than done, I know.


Kate said...

Hope the stiffness has abated. That kind of project always goes slower than you think it should. You really did get a lot done.

Marti said...

We don't seem to be accomplishing much so far. But we need to get it dried in before the next rain, which will probably be Friday.

Marti said...

Both of us were surprised how little our arms hurt this morning. Hubby remarked that we are getting older but stronger. lol

thea said...

Yay for the addition! Will you do all the work yourselves?

Marti said...

Most of it. We'll have an electrician do all the wiring, and the a/c company already put the duct just inside the kitchen wall.