Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 10

I didn't do much yesterday except help lift and hold a few times, but Hubby got the beams in place so we could take the support post out. You can't see them in the pictures because of the plastic, but there are two ten foot 2x12 inch beams, and they were heavy. Since our walls have six inch studs, he had to fill in the other two inches with scrap. Then we put up a plastic wall with zipper so we don't lose as much air conditioning in that space. A few attic braces and we are ready for the framing inspector.

Today I need to go to Fort Worth and see if Acme still has matching brick. But we're also waiting for the patio door to be delivered so I can't leave until Brownie gets home. I also need to go run some wedding errands. Poor Lil, between adding on to our house, and them buying a house, the wedding isn't getting a lot of attention.

When I opened the shade this morning, I saw that rotten blue heron in the yard. He flew off as soon as he heard or saw the shade move, but I went out to see if he got any fish. They were really skittish and were darting from the cover of one lily to another, and then I saw something else in the pond. A turtle! I got the leaf net and chased him around the pond a few times before I caught him.
His (or her) shell was about eight inches from front to back. I don't know if he is a water turtle or a land turtle who just managed to fall into the pond. He sure could swim though! I put him in a bucket and Brownie took him halfway to somewhere.

So I don't know if the heron ate the fish, or if it was the turtle. Hubby and I cleaned out the pond a few weeks ago and moved all the plants from the pond to a plastic swimming pool. We didn't clean out the pond last year and most of the lilies have grown through the pots. That makes repotting them more difficult, plus I have to go dig clay from the back of our yard and clean out the weeds before I can use it, so I haven't been repotting them quickly. I had been feeling guilty about it, but today I was glad I hadn't done very many because it was easier to spot the turtle and much easier to catch him.


Grandma K said...

That looks like a red-eared slider. Yep - it was dining on the fish. It's a biggie too. These are the ones that were sold to kids when we (at least me) were kids.

You really are moving right along. I hope you get all the walls completed before it gets much hotter!

Tiffaney said...

He is a red eared slider. Fresh water turtle. That size is most likely a boy and he would love to eat your fish.

JT said...

I'm amazed at what an ambitious project you guys are undertaking. It's looking wonderful:)

The turtles are out en masse on our country lanes. Crossing from one pond to another to lay eggs. They're pretty cool unless they're in a pond with your fish!

Kate said...

Sounds like an exciting morning. No turtles here, we've been watching all the baby birds get fed. Looks like good progress on the addition, hope all the inspections go well.