Monday, May 7, 2012

Days 11 and 12

Last Tuesday, the inspector came. Yay! But he didn't approve the framing. Boo! He wanted some additional bracing done and the electrical and a/c vents done first. The city secretary said the inspection was to come after the framing and then again after the electrical. So now the bracing is done and we're waiting for the electrical. Our temps were in the 90's on Saturday when Hubby was doing the bracing and it was over 100 in the attic. Not a good time to be up there. But we're supposed to have a cool front for the next few days so maybe the electrician can get over here before it gets hot again.

Even though the roof is really small, Hubby wanted professional roofers to tie in the old and new, and they came Thursday. A crew of seven spilled out of a van, and had it done in an hour. They used an extension ladder and I told them not to put it on the deck, but they did anyway. They did put a bundle of shingles at the bottom to keep it from sliding, but one of them almost fell when he missed a step. I couldn't watch. I had to go inside.
Friday night there were storms in the area, and while we missed out on rain, we were hit with some strong winds that took down trees and scattered some of our materials. The next morning, Hubby and I split up and walked down the street looking for our stuff. A roll of valley tin was found four houses down. I heard it banging around when the storm hit and it sounded like the house was coming down.
Also Saturday, our little town had a clean up day so we hauled all our construction debris over there and they helped us throw it all in a big dumpster.
We still haven't heard back from our bricklayer, but we have time to line up someone else since our brick won't be here until June. I'm still cleaning our old brick and found that it is much easier to clean after soaking in a tub of water for a few hours.


  1. Looks progress even though things are not going 100% smoothly. Hope progress continues on a smoother plane the next few weeks.

  2. Looks like things are coming along! Soon it'll be all done and you'll be able to enjoy it!


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