Monday, May 21, 2012

Days 16, 17, and 18

The days are beginning to run together, and we are making slow progress.
HVAC ducts installed.
Siding on original gable.
I've also been working on the refrigerator cabinet. It's stained with one coat of finish.
And working on the endless string of cabinet doors. The inspector is supposed to come back tomorrow, and after that, all work stops until after the wedding (our daughter is getting married).



  1. The old saying is, all good things take time. Enjoy it.

  2. Oh Marti... all this going on and a wedding too. Wow, you really are super woman.

    Your cabinet is looking beautiful... love the colour. It is refreshing to see real wood again. I can't wait to see it all completed as I am sure you would too. It will be nice to have a little break... good luck with your inspection.


  3. All of the remodel and a wedding? You are one busy woman! The cabinets are looking good.

  4. I saw your Fee Fie Faux Fence post. That looks great. I noticed your "Possum Trot" sign on the front. Are you in Red Oak? I grew up there and remember hearing that it was called Possum Trot.

    I also like the headboard bench. I'm looking forward to browsing the rest of your blog!

    1. I'm sorry. I realized after I posted my comment that you'd probably want to keep your information private from the rest of the entire world. :-) No worries at all if you don't want to say. And after looking at some of your property-ownership posts, I'm thinking not Red Oak but a different little town near there (I'll leave off the name). Mom used to take us to the library there - I was just wondering about that lovely old building the other day and hoping it was still in use.

      My husband is from Texas as well and neither of us have been back in years and are looking forward to a visit, hopefully later this year.


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