February 20, 2013

Half-Finished Kitchen

I hadn't planned on writing this post today, or ever. But while reading my daily blogs, I saw that Fine Craft Guild is hosting a linky party just for half-finished projects, and since that is all I seem to have these days, my first thought was "Oh my! They have seen right into my home where every room is unfinished." And then, "How sweet, they are having a linky party just for me." So now to decide which incomplete project to show off.

The vent hood, which has been framed and the front piece has been sitting on the floor for about a month?

The kitchen ceiling with only three planks up?

The laundry area that needs to have the drywall finished, the shelves faced and painted, and doors installed?

The quilt laid out on the family room floor, preventing us from getting to the windows or tv?

How about all the other unfinished quilts stored in boxes?

Or a myriad of other projects?

So this post is made for the sole purpose of linking to fine craft guild and seeking the companionship of other people who just can't quite get things finished. Go on over to see how your unfinished projects compare with others. Or join the party; after all, misery loves company!

Fine Craft Guild


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  1. But you've done so much to get where you are in the kitchen remodel, you have finished some things!


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