February 06, 2013

Hot Drinks, Good for What Ails Ya

Hubby has been down with The Crud lately. It started Saturday with a sore throat, progressed to laryngitis, and now the deep, painful cough. Along with a Multi-Symptom Cold Remedy, I bought Dr. Pepper, lemons, and the ingredients to make instant spiced tea. You may already have these recipes, but if you don't, they are just the thing to soothe a sore throat. We like them any time it's cold too.

Hot Dr. Pepper

I feel silly writing this as if it's a recipe. It's really easy. Pour two cups (or whatever fits into 2 of your mugs) into a sauce pan. Cook on medium heat until hot but not boiling. It doesn't work right to heat in the microwave. Cut a slice of lemon for each cup, about 1/4" wide, and drop into empty cup. Pour hot Dr. Pepper on top. Enjoy. That simple.

Instant Spiced Tea

1 cup sugar
1 cup orange Tang
1 cup Instant tea (I use decaf but if you want caffeinated you could use some with lemon and skip buying additional lemon)
1 package (1 Tablespoon unsweet) powdered lemonade (I use Kool Aid brand or True Lemon)
1 teaspoon ground cloves
2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
Mix well, store in airtight jar. Use 1-1/2 teaspoons to a cup of hot water.

Tonight I made Tortilla Soup for dinner. Hubby proclaimed it the best medicine yet. But he's still coughing.



  1. I love the instant spiced tea. might just have to make some.

  2. I'll have to try the hot Dr. Pepper. I could have used that when DT had the flu. She kept asking for something to sooth her sore throat. Hope your guy is feeling better soon.


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