February 15, 2013

Would You Bifocal Wearers Do Me a Favor? It's Easy.

Would you hold a book, magazine, or your typical reading material just as you normally do, and measure how far the print is from your glasses?

Why? I just had an eye exam and got my new bifocals yesterday. At the fitting, the girl (who didn't wear bifocals) handed me a reading page and I couldn't read anything on it. She told me to hold it closer and yes, when I moved it farther away, it was worse. Only when it was about ten inches from my glasses was it clear.

The girl acted like that was normal and that I was weird for wanting to hold it sixteen to eighteen inches away. But that is where I hold books to read. Even a little farther I think for labels at stores, writing a check on a counter or signing that credit card thing at stores.

She told the doctor and he checked the glasses to make sure they put the right prescription in and then he re-examined me while I was wearing the new glasses. When he gave me the reading chart, he put it about eight inches from my face. I had to tell him too that I needed to be able to read with it farther away.

So is it just me?



  1. My reading distance is at least 18 inches away. They are the ones who are strange.

  2. I measured mine before reading the 2nd paragraph in your post. Mine measures 18". Then when I read your whole post and tried 10" I tried it and it was much too close to read!! interesting that our mother's china dishes are similar!! Like your daughter, I plan on using mine more often!

  3. I have tri-focals and my reading portion is clear at about 16-18" as well BUT I prefer them clear really close. I do work like carving or shaving wood with chisels and I like it to be 4" away, so I just look under my glasses. It's a nuisance, but happens often! Perhaps I need quad-focals

  4. I have tri-focals, too. My comfort level for reading on the computer is 16-18 inches. Bi-focal section is about 10-12 inches.

  5. No help here as I don't wear bi-focals. But I know that our ergonomic guidelines at work recommend that the computer screen be 16 to 18 inches from your eyes. So I don't think it's you.

  6. I'm just at that point when I think I'll have to sort some Bi-focals so I read this post with interest. Teaching in a large classroom with reading glasses is impossible!!!! Jx


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