Monday, June 3, 2013

The Time I've Been Dreading - Summer Is Here

The calendar still says spring, but the temperatures say summer. A new to me term for it is meteorological summer. What it amounts to is that we are probably not going to see a day under 95 degrees for the next four months. Ugh.

On the up side, our garden has started producing and we've had enough rain lately to keep the water bill down.  We decided this year that we are only going to water through the end of June.  Past that, and the plants don't produce anyway so it's a waste of time to keep them alive and weeds out.

I'm trying to gear up for a trip to San Francisco later this month and should be walking more every day.  I know those hills are going to kill me.  We're still working on the house, but nothing new to show you.

I bought bamboo Roman shades for the dining room and then found that they are practically transparent at night.  I did a bloogle (searched google blogs) and found that a lot of people have solved this problem by gluing a blackout liner to the back of the shade.  I followed their instructions (and mine had more cords than theirs so were twice the hassle) and voila - it looked terrible.  I am the only person in the blogosphere whose lined shades looked worse than the unlined.  They were too bulky then and wouldn't pull up straight anymore.  So last night, I peeled off the liner and am going to either put mini blinds behind them or a roller shade.

I've decided to curtail my blogging and time spent online and try to do something useful for a change.  My goal is to blog three days a week and not even touch the computer at least two days a week.  I'm not sure I can do that, but I have found that a day away from blogging turns into two, and then three, and pretty soon I'm barely thinking about it, so I hope the internet addition will fade as well.

But since this is a blogging day, now I'm off to see what you have been doing.


  1. I've been computer free for a week. It's been nice while it lasts - but I'm delighted to be back on line now! Jx

  2. I think the calendar says summer too already :)

  3. Yes - I think we are finished with the glorious spring! Now comes the miserable time.

    I admire your self-control! I just spend more and more time on this thing! It has become attached to me somehow.

    Jealous of your trip to San Francisco!

  4. Usually we've got hot temps by this time, but not this year. I'm trying to enjoy it while it lasts.


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