Friday, November 8, 2013

Hubby Finally Slipped Up

Since the cat decided to live with us a couple of years ago, Hubby has referred to him as "your cat". As in "your cat needs to be fed," "your cat made a mess in the garage," "your cat is so goofy." Of course he feeds the cat, pets the cat, and even has a chair next to his chair in the office for the cat. He has caught himself several times before calling the cat his cat, but the other day he finally slipped and said "my cat nearly fell off the chair when I was petting him." Ha! Gotcha!



  1. :-) Felines have a way of wiggling their way into hearts.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Ha Ha!!!!! It's funny how cats get into everyone's heart eventually. Jx

  3. Was he talking to you or to someone else? So is the next pronoun "our"?

    1. He was talking to me. But now you've made me wonder if he calls it his cat when he is talking to other people. I don't know if "our cat" is next. Today, it was back to "your cat" or really, "your goofy cat."

  4. So husband always refers to Rosie (dog) as mine. However, they are best of friends. Love your blog!

  5. My husband always referred to our children as mine when they were naughty and his when they were being good. Same thing with our dog Maddie!! :^)


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