Wednesday, May 2, 2018

All is Well

It was with a great sigh of relief that I typed words into my laptop this morning. In addition to following the instructions online for what do when you spill something on a laptop, I placed a fan under it for 24 hours. It was really humid yesterday and I thought I might need to give it another day, but with a fan, how could it not be dry? Lesson learned. From now on, my drink will be in a bottle with screw-on lid.

Yesterday, I posted on Hubby's desktop computer and then had to pay a couple of bills and it was doing all sorts of weird things, typing double letters and just randomly not showing letters I typed. That was especially frustrating when typing in passwords that only showed **** instead of the letters and numbers. But I got my bills paid and then called Hubby and told him to go buy himself a new computer. When he got home, he confessed that he had spilled something on his keyboard also, and it was a sweet drink too, so that is probably what caused all the sticking and doubled letters. All he needs is a new keyboard. Bottled water for him from now on too!

We're expecting storms tonight and tomorrow. I hope it breaks the oppressive humidity we've had the last two days. It has made quilting a hot affair. I am on a roll though and ready to find border fabric for my May UFO. But first I have to take MIL to the doctor's office and then stop by Home Depot, the bank, the grocery store, and maybe even Hobby Lobby. A trip to a big town means many stops.

I glanced at my post count the other day and had just published my 996th post.  I have been trying to think of something big to do for my 1000th post. Stay tuned.


Sandee said...

I'm so glad your laptop is fine. You knew what to do and you did it quickly.

Have a fabulous day. ♥

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

laptops! I have trouble with them too - and I haven't spilled anything and I guess I type faster than it can keep up but lots of times I am typing and not seeing my letters then all of a sudden a string of them show up - very hard when you are trying to make sure you do not have typos at the same time.

The Swiss Cats said...

We're glad you could fix your computer problems ! Purrs

Kate said...

So glad you were able to salvage the computer. Mine had to go to the computer doctor after it's round with the coffee. The storms last night were very attention getting. Not sure I'm up for round two, but guess I need to get there as it's just that time of year.

Grandma K said...

That is indeed good news about the laptop! And glad the desktop only needs a new keyboard!

Hope those storms aren't as viscious as they seem like they are going to be. AND I hope some of the rain holds together to get to us. We really need it. Haven't had measurable rain in two weeks.

diamondc said...

Marti: I hope the storms were not bad in your area, I see some areas had tornados.
I am looking forward to seeing your quilt finished.
Good luck to your Mother in Law at the doctor.
We are the same way when we go to a big city, we live in a small town, at least we have a Dollar General and restaurants.


MartiDIY said...

We haven't had a good rain in a long time until today, and it poured. Power was off for several hours while the storms rumbled through. I hope some pop up down your way. These were headed north east.