Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Cat Said

If you own a cat a cat owns you, you've probably said that from time to time, maybe even daily. If you own a dog, you may have said "the dog said...". It's not like they really say the words.  Wait, before you correct me Pixie and Zorro, let me amend that. They are saying the words, but not in human language. But as pet parents, we learn what their sounds mean.

Hubby was resistant to Buddy's charms at the beginning, and called him "your cat" for at least a year. He continued to huff about "your cat this," or "your cat that" until I walked into his office one day to find the Buddy in his lap. It still took him a long time to say "our cat" and he left most of the responsibility to me. Over time though, Buddy wore him down, and now he thinks Buddy is almost part of the family. (I think Buddy is part of the family.)

We went outside the other day and left Buddy snoozing inside. After a few minutes, we heard him meowing at the door and Hubby said, "Buddy says he is hungry." But that wasn't the hungry meow, that was the 'you're outside without me' meow. I opened the door, Buddy sauntered out, and all was good.

If you asked me to tell you the difference between the 'I'm hungry' meow and the 'I want to be with you' meow, I couldn't tell you. I just know it's different. Language immersion, taught by the cat!


  1. Cats rule indeed. I'm glad Buddy worn hubby down.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  2. Buddy trained you very well, good job ! Purrs

  3. Cats are great at training humans.

  4. There is no doubt our cats exert a lot of influence in this house. Exhibit A: my husband is watching TV on the main floor (where the cats are allowed) rather than down in his man cave, which he just completed with the BIG SCREEN, where the cats are not allowed. This is so the cats can get lap time with him … who's the bigger softie?


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