Monday, July 29, 2019

Did You Know That August is National Happiness Month?

Since mood affects health, I've been trying to make some changes in my life. August seems to be the perfect month to concentrate on happiness. I don't think I was born a pessimist, but was in training from the minute I was born. Can that be changed sixty-some-odd years later? I hope to get some tips from those of you who are naturally happy and optimistic.

Here is a list of tips to get into happiness awareness before the first of the month.


  1. All great advice. Must be why I'm so happy.

    Have a fabulous day, Marti. ♥

  2. Those are all great tips ! Some are easier than other to put in action. We tried to implement #5 weekly since a few years, and it works ! Purrs

  3. I totally agree, when people start gossiping I ask if it were them being talked about how would they feel.
    I hope you have a beautiful week.


  4. That's a very good list. I think the gratitude one is the key one for me. Plus I think you have to have had some rough times to really appreciate the good times.

  5. I had no idea August had its own theme! But I like it! One thing I have been working on that really helps my "happiness" is to stop myself any time I start comparing myself to other people, or thinking that I am somehow in competition with them. Maybe those are sub-items under "Design your own life". Good luck to you.


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