April 12, 2020

Buddy Finds a New Bed

Daughter and Grandsons have been here about a month, and Buddy has finally decided to tolerate the boys. I started babysitting when Daughter started a new job last week and Buddy makes himself scarce when the boys are playing. But at naptime, Buddy is once again beside my chair in his snoozing spot and he generally ignores the boys even though they are sleeping on bench cushions just a few feet away.

On Saturday, Buddy was restless and couldn't seem to settle down. He wanted out. He wanted in. He wanted in my lap but couldn't get comfortable. He went back to the door to look out the window. Every time he went by the four year old's cushion, he made a wide berth so a little hand couldn't reach out for him. On more than one occasion, I noticed that he was looking over the pile that was cushion, child, and a thick quilt.

After a week of babysitting the grands, ages 4 & 5, and not being able to tell when the 4 year old is really asleep or just closing his eyes when I look his way (I have caught them closing many times), I discovered Saturday that Buddy the Cat has that unique talent.

An hour after putting down the cushions and separating the brothers, I knew the four year old was still awake. Buddy obviously did too because his usual detour to the door involved hopping up onto the last few stairs and then down them to avoid the fake-sleeping boy. Finally, he gave up and settled in beside my chair.

Then, I noticed Buddy was gone and when I looked around, he was about to put his foot on the cushion instead of taking the longer route. I tried not to shriek as I called his name, but Buddy intently climbed onto the cushion. From past experience, I knew that if I tried to lift him off, his claws would come out and latch onto whatever he could hang onto, so I cringed and waited for Micah to start talking. But there was silence.

Never one to pass up a good bed, Buddy had waited until the coast was clear to make his move. After testing out a few spots, including on top of the boy, he finally decided the best spot was snuggled against him. And there they both stayed for the next hour, until Buddy sneezed, which woke the boy and startled both of them into tumbling off the cushion.

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