October 16, 2020

Well, Here's Another Nice Mess

The eye part of the second set of surgeries, went pretty well. The ENT had to do a septoplasty to correct a deviated septum before he could get to his part of the eye surgery though and that proved to be the worst part. Septoplasty recovery would have been a great addition to Dante's Inferno, right between his second and third circles of Hell. Each difficult breath burning and almost drowning in the River Styx three times a day. I'm not sure what group of people this punishment would be for; since it is a physical torment, maybe for people who only thought of their own physical pleasure.

The choreography of the surgeries was kind of interesting. In the surgery on my right eye, the ENT started my surgery, doing the inside corner of the eye, while the orbital surgeon started another patient in an adjoining operating room, doing the outside corner of her eye. Both surgeries took about two hours and then the surgeons traded places and the orbital surgeon did my outside corner while the ENT did her inside corner. In the surgery for my left eye, the orbital surgeon started my eye so the ENT would have an extra three hours to do the septoplasty.

It is two weeks after surgery and I still have double vision though. After my right eye, the orbital surgeon told me the double vision should be corrected after surgery on my left eye. When I still had double vision after that surgery, he told me it is common to have doulbe vision for two weeks afterward. At my last visit, he told me to start doing some eye exercises that are a lot like a DIY sobriety test and come back in five weeks. I'm not feeling hopeful.

On the positive side though, the streaky vision is better and my near vision may be getting better. Every day I open a book and try to read the words and I think the right eye is improving. The left eye is still really distorted, but the right eye was like that for a long time too, so I'm not giving up on reading just yet. Still, I'm very happy that it's so easy to enlarge my computer screen. I'm sure there are a lot of typos here, but I can't see them, so I'm not going to worry about them. I think I am seeing color better too although sometimes Hubby tells me something is blue but it looks so grass green to me that I don't see how it could possibly be blue and I wonder if he is teasing. If I really have to see something as clear as possible, I can put a patch over one eye. It doesn't help depth perception but it sure beats trying to see with overlapping images. With a little help, I think I'll be sewing again in short sessions.

The orbital surgeon doesn't want me wearing an eye patch unless it is really important, like using a sharp knife or reaching in the oven. Probably driving too, though I haven't tried that yet. We were driving home one day and Hubby said he was about to nod off while driving so I volunteered to drive and he blurted out "No way!" before he had a chance to word it politely. Then he stopped for coffee and kept the keys away from me the rest of the way home. So maybe I'm not ready for driving. I may try mowing when my nose doesn't feel so raw. If I didn't have to drown in the River Styx three times a day, I think I'd feel a lot better.