April 01, 2022

I Really Should Stop Making New Year's Resolutions

Every year I plan on finishing quilts, reading books, working on the house, and so on.  And for the last four years, some kind of health crisis has put an end to all our plans.  After 2020 and 2021, we thought we had met our quota of health problems and decided that 2022 was going to be our year.  I was going to start much needed dental work the day after I wrote my last post.  Hubby was going to work on the house, and then we were going to do some traveling.

So I wrote that post, feeling great about 2022, and went to bed. The next morning, we got a phone call from Mom's care giver. Mom was in the hospital after attempting suicide. Yeah, that was some wake up call. Someday I will write a post about the many ways suicide wrecks the lives of survivors. Thankfully, Mom survived and with no further organ damage. But our plans for 2022 were put on hold as we have been taking care of Mom, moving her near us, clearing out her house (fodder for several posts there too), and getting it ready to sell.

We now have Mom's dog, a cute little shih tzu name Mia, and mom lives in an assisted living center about twenty minutes away. She is trying to have a good attitude and make the best of it, though she has been going through a phase of wanting to stuff her 400 square foot apartment with everything in her 2200 square foot house. I think she is beginning to face reality now though, so we can finally let the estate sale company come in and do their thing. The thought that goes through my mind every time we go through her stuff is "I will not do this to my children." And as much as I enjoy seeing friends who still live in my hometown, I am tired of making that trip several times each month, especially with Mom calling every 15 minutes to send us on a search for "just one more thing" she can't live without.

I can't say I'll have time now to start posting again, but I'll try to post every week or two. After all, I need to regale you with stories of the football helmets and 100 bottles of wine on the wall. For now I just need to remember what Woody Allen said: "If you want to make God laugh, tell Him about your plans." One minute you're enjoying your day, and the next minute.....


  1. Marti - I am sorry to hear about your Mom and the aftermath; it seems that time has helped you cope -- I am not sure I could have the sense of humor that comes through in this post, so well done for you. We have had the experience of cleaning out a home, and I think I am living out that pledge "I will not do this to my children." Hope to see you posting again soon.

  2. Sending you prayers as you deal with your Mom and her estate. I have a bunch of stuff to go through my own self - (talk about a time and energy suck !) but no kids to burden with it.

  3. Hi Marti: So sorry about your Mother, I hope she is doing better in assisted living, you are a good daughter to make sure she gets what she wants.
    Good luck with the estate sale.



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