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Sunday, December 7, 2008

We Built a New Garage

We built the garage in 2003. We hired a guy from our church to do the framing and dry in the garage. In retrospect, that wasn't a good idea. He had done jobs for other people we knew and they were pleased. After the slab was poured, the lumber was delivered, but he didn't show up. Hubby, being the impatient sort, started framing the walls himself, and we had three up before the framer and his helper arrived. They quickly had the fourth wall up and started on the roof. When Hubby got home from work that day, he saw that the trusses weren't set evenly. Evidently the helper didn't know how to measure and on his side of the garage, the trusses were anywhere from four to six inches off the mark. So Hubby spent the evening moving those trusses, and the next morning he pointed it out to the framer and the rest of the trusses went up without incident and moved on to the plywood sheathing and decking. And then we didn't see them for almost a week. After a day or two, Hubby called and the framer said he got called back to another job but would be out the next day. The next day, no framer. Finally Hubby and I started roofing and on the evening of the fourth day, the framer and helper finally came and helped us finish the roofing.

The next three days they only came in the late afternoon and they began putting up the hardiplank siding. The doors and window probably made it slower but they only got one side done, and then we didn't see them again for a week. During that week, Hubby and I worked on the siding on the back and both gables in the evenings. And then it rained. After the rain, the plywood on the last side was warped and wavy. Still no framer and he wasn't returning phone calls. Hubby spent a day repairing plywood and then we finished the siding. When we finally heard from the contractor, we paid him for the work he had done and told him we didn't need him anymore. He never offered to replace the warped plywood or even acknowledge that it was warped.

We bought the insulation and sheetrock through a contractor. I insulated the garage and then the contractor's guys came out to put up the sheetrock. They were amazing, each one could lift those twelve foot sheets over their head and with one hand screw them in place.

After the drywall crew finished the walls and texture, Hubby sprayed the paint and we were ready for doors, trim, cabinets, and plumbing. We put a full bathroom in the garage both for convenience and to keep from tracking so much dirt into the house. We also thought it would be convenient if we ever had to turn the garage into an apartment for one of our parents. We put in a short counter and kitchen sink at the back of the garage for that reason also, and to make it easier for Hubby to clean fish and game.

Until next time, may you have blessings and easy building,


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