March 08, 2017

Another Blogger (Blogspot) Glitch? Or Something Else?

I've been noticing lately that some comments come from people with no profile and the accompanying email is a no-reply. I thought it was just one of those things that come in waves, comments from strangers who are passing through. But then, I noticed on another blog I read that she replied to someone in her blog because the commenter had nothing on her profile and a no-reply email. Now I wonder if it is a blogger glitch or maybe a new option I haven't heard about - a way to comment anonymously to blogs that don't allow anonymous comments maybe.

Have you noticed this?

My blog roll widget is no longer in alphabetical order in the edit mode. They don't seem to be in any particular order. I thought it might be some kind of glitch where the edit mode had them in the same sort order as they appeared posted, which is latest updated, but they aren't in that order either. I asked about this on the google forums, but no one there has an answer. There were a couple of people with the same question, so I know it's not just me. If you have Blogger, have you noticed this?

I read something last night that Wordpress has the best software, more SEO compatible. And no, I don't know what SEO is, but it is mentioned a lot in blogs and websites that talk about how to get your blog higher in google searches. I almost wish I hadn't moved back to blogger from wordpress. Almost.

And since I'm asking questions, I have another one for you.

Would you rather read blog posts that have the entire post on the main blog page, or do you prefer to have a snippet of the blog post with a "Read More" link to the entire post? I haven't looked at this type in a blog reader and wonder if the "Read More" divider makes it harder there. When I read blogs on my phone (not often), they seem to be put into the snippet format automatically.

That's it for the questions. I haven't been doing much to blog about. Driving to and from our build every day, agonizing over decisions, and starting to pack up this duplex for our next move into our trailer.

As bad as that might sound, I'll be glad to get out of this duplex. We have become so used to the sound of sirens that the occasional silence seems unnatural. A man was kidnapped and robbed a few blocks away, and our landlord had already told me never to leave the front door unlocked, even if I just went into the backyard. I thought he was just being over-cautious, but one day last week as I was sitting in my chair on the computer, I heard the front door creak like weight was pressed against it. It sometimes does that when the wind blows, but I looked up to see if it was Hubby trying to put his key in the lock, and I saw the doorknob moving back and forth, so figured it was him. I waited a minute because usually I jump up and get to the door just in time for him to open it. But the door didn't open this time, and the doorknob had quit moving, so I got up to let him in. When I looked out the peephole, no one was there. Still, I wasn't alarmed because I thought Hubby was about to come in and then got a call and had to leave before coming in. That has happened before too. It was when I called him to see if he had come home and left before coming in that I got alarmed because he had not been here. Just someone trying doorknobs to see if one was unlocked. Then, night before last, Hubby woke up in the middle of the night because it sounded like someone was trying to break into the outside storage closet, which is right behind our bedroom. He jumped up and turned on the porch light, but didn't go outside to check in case there was someone out there with a gun. Not worth dying over a couple of shovels and weedeater that only holds a charge for ten minutes.

So as bad as it might be living in a twenty-one foot travel trailer, at least we'll feel safe.