January 25, 2019

A Monster in My House!

Mom and Dad built me a great home; they must have built it just for me because they aren't living in it. I can sleep anywhere I want in it, but I prefer the sunny spot in front of the windows. Mom made a bed for me there out of Dad's jacket, or maybe I made a bed out of his jacket.  It was on my floor, so it must be for me.

There have been some strange things going on in my house though. One morning I ran in the door as soon as Mom opened it and the floor was covered with big globs of white mud. I picked my way cautiously across the floor, went around the corner, and then I saw a monster! I froze in my tracks and stared, wide-eyed.

And then he turned on me! The monster was part man! Let me tell you, I was scared. I turned and ran back to the door without even trying to go around the mud!

I've never seen anything like it. Mom and Dad were so brave; they walked right up to that monster, and the other one, and spoke to them. Later that evening, they talked me into going back into my house to show me that the monsters were gone. I guess they ran them off. I walked around my house and went around every corner slowly, tensed to run, but there were no monsters. They sure left a mess behind though.

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January 14, 2019

A Flash from the Past for Awww Monday

Our oldest daughter with one of our Gordon Setter puppies.

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January 07, 2019


Or make that Coldblock. It's been a long time since I've been sick and even though I just have a head cold, it's surprising how it has sapped me. I sure have been appreciating the huge amount of kleenex stockpiled by my mother-in-law though. I think I know why she had a box and trash can beside every chair and bed.

Hubby went through the house and trailer spraying disinfectant on everything I've touched, and I slept on the dinette (made into a bed) last night. Boy is that thing uncomfortable! I hope he doesn't get sick, but I don't think he can keep far enough away.

The drywall people are here today to mud and tape the house. I'd like to watch them but they'd probably appreciate it if I kept my germs away.

Odd things I think about when I can't sleep:

I never noticed the clock was so loud.
I can hear Buddy eating in the middle of the night.
No matter where I put the Kleenex, they are in the wrong place.
How can my feet be so cold when my face is so hot?