January 11, 2021

Day Two of Snow

Yesterday, it snowed nearly all day. The temperature was about 34 and the ground much warmer, so a lot of it melted instantly, but we did end up with several inches. My daughter brought the boys out to build snowmen and she ended up doing all the work. The boys ate some snow (hopefully it was clean snow) and then said they were cold and wanted to come inside and have hot chocolate. Evidently, hot chocolate had been promised as an incentive to finish the job

But the boys came in and Hubby went out to help finish the job. It was such wet snow that the snowmen were quickly created. Yes, I said snowMEN; there were two of them. Or maybe one was supposed to be a snowwoman. Unfortunately, the second snowperson suffered from an incurable case of headlessness. Maybe the body wasn't quite big enough, or was too misshapen, but the head just wouldn't stay on. Then boys gathered up some curtain rods for arms, bottle caps for eyes, and of course a carrot and hat and went out to help finish the job and pose for pictures. But first, Hubby asked the boys if they wanted to knock over the headless snowman and the six year old said "I can do that!" (That's what he says about everything, whether he can do it or not.) He stepped back about five feet, ran at the snowman... and bounced backward into the snow.  It was a heavy lineman, headless snowman. But not to be defeated, he begged his little brother to join forces and they ran at the snowman together... and little one tripped on his gigantic scarf mittens and went into the snowman head first, knocking the middle off the base.   You can see some of the base behind my daughter.

In the time it took to get the boys out of their snow gear and settled around the table for a warm treat, the snowman's head was beginning to lean forward like he was about to nod off to sleep. We told the boys the snowman would last long after the rest of the snow melted, but this is what it looked like this morning.

I'm not sure if the temperature got down below freezing during the night, but there were some school closings this morning and our local school had a delayed start. Because of Covid, today was the first day back after the Christmas break. The roads are clear, but the bridges could be icy if there was a freeze.

This is a view out my side window where the snow hasn't been trompled. I spent a lot of time looking out the window yesterday, marvelling at this rare snow fall, and I'll probably look out a lot today. But right now I hear the snow sliding off the roof, so I know it won't last long.

What is your weather like today?

January 10, 2021


Our part of the state gets snow about one day in every ten years and I guess today is that day. It's beautiful snow, with big wet flakes falling softly. It's the kind of snow that makes us hum "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas."

Sometimes I get homesick, not just for my mother and friends still there, but for snow and the memories of the cold crisp days of fresh snow, even the days after when it is the dirty mounds down the center of the road - a cold barrier separating cars. I don't miss the days I went to my car in the morning and couldn't get my key in the frozen door lock.

December 28, 2020

2020 Was a Year of Throwing out the Old

The older I get, the less stuff I want. The less stuff, the less cleaning. The less cleaning, the more time for fun. That's the plan. The hard part has been getting rid of all. this. stuff! I've offered it to my friends, I've listed it on buy/sell/swap groups, and I've listed it free on facebook's local town group. As one of my friends so crudely put it, "I don't want your crap to become my crap." True, some things are old enough to be antiques, but some things were still brand new in the box. I've given away a total of two items; I had to beg Hubby to load up the rest and haul it to the thrift store. He hates doing that for some reason. Maybe for the same reason he hates returning things to stores, although there, I think it's the standing in line part.

After my second eye surgery, I experience dry eyes and asked Hubby to buy me some eye drops from the store. When he brought it to me, I noticed it was contact lens solution and no where on the box did it say it could be used as eye drops or for dry eyes. He wouldn't take it back. So the next time he went to a bigger town, I asked him to buy me some eye drops. That evening when he handed me the box and, you guessed it, another box of contact lens solution.

But back to the ridding of stuff. It seems that I am not the only one trying to simplify in 2020. I wonder if it's the extra spare time we all had this year, or if other people have just looked around and realized how much easier life would be without all that stuff. I'm not sure why younger people aren't taking anything though, especially when it is free. Maybe because it isn't new? I couldn't even give away a doll and cradle. I think it's because it didn't do anything. It didn't transform into something else, the doll didn't walk and talk, and neither shot arrows out of hidden parts. It is just a doll and cradle and my kids spent hours rocking everything from dolls and stuffed animals to real live puppies. The puppies weren't keen on rocking so it was back to dolls and stuffed animals.

Oh well. The thrift store reopens Wednesday.

November 29, 2020

A Thanksgiving Surprise

I thought there would just be the two of us here for Thanksgiving, but Lil and her husband wanted to come now for their yearly visit. They usually come after Christmas, but it looks like we're in for another lockdown which could last until next spring. They live in Missouri and both work for a big company with exposure to a lot of people, so I was hesitant about getting together, but Hubby isn't as cautious as I am and insisted they come for the week. Brownie had to work a half day on Thanksgiving, so we kept the boys that morning too. We all wore masks, at least the adults did. The boys kept taking their off and had to be reminded to put them back on. When it was time to go home, for the first time ever, the boys were glad to leave.

But that's not the surprise. Lil brought her little dog, who wanted to run in the yard after they got out of the car and came in covered with fleas! Well, maybe not covered, but there were a lot on her. Since we don't have any pets, we couldn't figure out where they were coming from. Deer come near the house, and we have seen skunks right outside the door, but we've had those since we moved here and never had a flea problem. Hubby walked around the house and saw the telltale signs of wild hogs! They were everywhere around the house. There was no rooting damage, at least not yet, but plenty of sign that they had been there for awhile. A quick google search for wild hogs and fleas showed that they did indeed leave fleas behind when they rubbed against things and rolled in their wallows. I had been hearing some odd sounds at night, thumps like something big hit the house, and that has been going on for a couple of weeks.

Lil and I went to the city for a little Christmas shopping and a stop at the pet store for a bag full of flea supplies, for the dog, the yard, and inside the house. Despite constant spraying and bathing the dog, she continued to pick up fleas and bring them in and they decided to leave the day after Thanksgiving instead of staying the weekend. Mr. Google told us that the bestf way to get rid of the hogs was to kill one in their new, favorite night spot, preferably with a hog trap. That has been easier said than done since we don't have a hog trap or a gun to kill them. But we have neighbors who have been hog hunting on their land, so after the holiday, Hubby will start putting the word out for someone who can get rid of them. Meanwhile, we are treating the yard every day.

What a Thanksgiving. Next year, we are going to go camping. Alone.

October 16, 2020

Well, Here's Another Nice Mess

The eye part of the second set of surgeries, went pretty well. The ENT had to do a septoplasty to correct a deviated septum before he could get to his part of the eye surgery though and that proved to be the worst part. Septoplasty recovery would have been a great addition to Dante's Inferno, right between his second and third circles of Hell. Each difficult breath burning and almost drowning in the River Styx three times a day. I'm not sure what group of people this punishment would be for; since it is a physical torment, maybe for people who only thought of their own physical pleasure.

The choreography of the surgeries was kind of interesting. In the surgery on my right eye, the ENT started my surgery, doing the inside corner of the eye, while the orbital surgeon started another patient in an adjoining operating room, doing the outside corner of her eye. Both surgeries took about two hours and then the surgeons traded places and the orbital surgeon did my outside corner while the ENT did her inside corner. In the surgery for my left eye, the orbital surgeon started my eye so the ENT would have an extra three hours to do the septoplasty.

It is two weeks after surgery and I still have double vision though. After my right eye, the orbital surgeon told me the double vision should be corrected after surgery on my left eye. When I still had double vision after that surgery, he told me it is common to have doulbe vision for two weeks afterward. At my last visit, he told me to start doing some eye exercises that are a lot like a DIY sobriety test and come back in five weeks. I'm not feeling hopeful.

On the positive side though, the streaky vision is better and my near vision may be getting better. Every day I open a book and try to read the words and I think the right eye is improving. The left eye is still really distorted, but the right eye was like that for a long time too, so I'm not giving up on reading just yet. Still, I'm very happy that it's so easy to enlarge my computer screen. I'm sure there are a lot of typos here, but I can't see them, so I'm not going to worry about them. I think I am seeing color better too although sometimes Hubby tells me something is blue but it looks so grass green to me that I don't see how it could possibly be blue and I wonder if he is teasing. If I really have to see something as clear as possible, I can put a patch over one eye. It doesn't help depth perception but it sure beats trying to see with overlapping images. With a little help, I think I'll be sewing again in short sessions.

The orbital surgeon doesn't want me wearing an eye patch unless it is really important, like using a sharp knife or reaching in the oven. Probably driving too, though I haven't tried that yet. We were driving home one day and Hubby said he was about to nod off while driving so I volunteered to drive and he blurted out "No way!" before he had a chance to word it politely. Then he stopped for coffee and kept the keys away from me the rest of the way home. So maybe I'm not ready for driving. I may try mowing when my nose doesn't feel so raw. If I didn't have to drown in the River Styx three times a day, I think I'd feel a lot better.