February 04, 2015

Eating Up the Freezer

Time to get ready for summer produce so I'm concentrating on using up stuff from the freezer. I have several bags of tomatoes that I froze whole, thinking I would can them later. I did make juice from some of them, but most of them are still in bags. Since we don't start getting tomatoes off the vines until late May or early June, I have some time to use those up. The problem is finding recipes for them. But last night I found this soup recipe from The Cabin Garden, and it was delicious. I can see me making this a couple of times a month, and it looks like it will easily convert to paleo. I put maple syrup in it tonight instead of the sugar, but I did use wheat flour because I didn't have a good substitute.


If It Isn't One Thing, It's Another. Now the Email

Monday, I tried to reply to some email comments from my yahoo email. I think I replied to a couple and then I got a word verification popup, followed by this message:


I waited 24 hours and tried again yesterday, only to get the same message. I emailed yahoo and googled for solutions. Didn't hear from yahoo and followed all the suggestions online like changing password, clearing cache, clearing folders. Still can't send emails. So I temporarily changed this blog back to the email for the old blog. If you don't get an email reply from me, that's why.

If anyone has a suggestion, I'm listening.