April 10, 2014

Good Grief, Oklahoma!

I have a feeling the folks in the Oklahoma Comptroller's Office heard someone in Washington D.C. said that there was nothing more complicated than the Federal Income Tax form, and they looked at each other and said "Wanna bet?" and then they created the Oklahoma Income Tax Form. Particularly the Non Resident Oklahoma Income Tax Form.

But after three hours and a lot of "What does that mean?" I finally got it done, and all for $5.00. That's right, I owe Oklahoma five measly dollars.

On the health front, Hubby is just about back to normal. Last Friday I began to feel pressure in my left ear that soon felt like there was a ping pong ball lodged behind my ear drum and a piercing pain when I bent over. Recognizing the signs of ear infection, I started taking a decongestant and juiced an onion for a natural anti-inflammatory and antibiotic ear drop. That usually nips it in the bud for me, and it did stop the pain, but not all the pressure. Saturday morning I woke with no pain in the left ear but soon I had it in the right ear, so I repeated my onion juice ear drops. I've been coughing up my toenails for most of the week and it finally eased up yesterday, but the pressure in my head continues. I keep thinking I will swallow and the ears will suddenly clear like on an airplane, but they don't. So I gave up and made a doctor's appointment.

Other than not-quite-death and taxes, nothing much going on around here.

April 01, 2014

Sometimes Sharing is a Bad Thing

Colds, for instance. Hubby claims he didn't share it with me intentionally, yet, he did. This is the one that starts with a sore throat, then a dry cough when I try to talk, then laryngitis, and then the deep chest cough that feels like ribs are breaking. Hubby came down with it the Friday evening of our garage sale, and I got it the following Friday. I entered Stage 4, the deep chest cough, this morning. Hubby is still coughing too, but his seems to be getting a little better.

The worst part is the brain fog and being so tired I just want to go to bed. So I think I will. See you later.