Friday, June 5, 2009

New Blooms

I thought since I've shown wildflowers today, I might as well take some pictures of other blooms in yard and garden. Even though the bog sage is a little droopy, it's going to be moved soon and it may not look good again this summer, if it even survives.

Tiger Lily aka Ditch Lily. Tiger Lily sounds much better

This is a confetti lantana, but every year its blooms have less pink and more orange and yellow, reverting to it's native roots I guess.

This is another confetti lantana, volunteer from seed of the other plant. Many more pink blooms.


Moving over to the pond, Lizard Tail. That furry white thing is the bloom.

Pink Opal. It's being shy I guess; just wouldn't face the camera.

Texas Dawn, a pretty little monster.

Now that the girls have moved to other states and Roxie crossed the Rainbow Bridge, these are our "kids." You should hear Hubby talk to them when he thinks I'm not around.

Every garden needs something fun in it and this is one of ours. It's just a blue rubber ball but when put in the waterfall, it will stay there. The fish seem to like the extra splash it makes and Hubby loves to make people ask why it's there.

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