Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Beastmobile Has Been Put Out to Pasture

Or put out to driveway. Whatever. I got a new (to me) car today, a Saturn VUE. It's only got 90K miles on it, and has a short wheel base so I can park it anywhere, and four doors and fold down back seats so I can take people and packages easily now. I can drive out of town without worrying about the transmission going out on me, hear the radio over the muffler, not have the glove box pop open when I hit a bump in the road, not have water dripping on passenger's feet, and blend in with other cars on the road. Yippee! Do I feel a road trip coming up? Why, yes I do!


judemiller1 said...


Grandma K said...

How boring your trips will be now. Where will be the adventure? Where the suspense of what will happen next?

Seriously, congratulations. I know you are happy.